Flannel Flower Dosage Bottle – 25ml


The Flannel Flower Bush Flower Essence is for people who are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy as well as physical contact and touching. They often have difficulty in maintaining their personal boundaries.

It helps one to totally trust and express verbally their innermost feelings.

It brings to both males and females a desire to and enjoyment in, expressing themselves physically.

It is excellent for males allowing for a gentleness, softness and sensitivity in touching.

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Helps to Transform:

  • Dislike of being touched
  • Lack of sensitivity in males
  • Uncomfortable with intimacy
  • Blocked Sensuality
  • Unable to say No


  • Gentleness and sensitivity in touching
  • Trust
  • Openness
  • Expression of feelings
  • Joy in physical activity



This 25ml dosage bottle will last 3 to 4 weeks when taken as recommended:

7 drops a.m (upon rising) and 7 drops p.m (upon retiring) either administered under the tongue or in a glass of water.



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