FDR Volume 3 – Whole Food Medicines – Words & Wisdom for Health & Healing


You may have heard the saying “Let Food By Thy Medicine, Let Medicine Be Thy Food”  – Hippocrates

… But exactly which foods do you eat for what and is health really that simple?

With easy to follow diagrams, this impressive book explains the 7 different systems of the body; including which foods serve which parts.

“There have always been individuals and entire communities of people that were, and are even today, long lived and free of disease. Health and healing are simple …

You can support cell life and the works of wonder they perform 24-hours a day, or you can fight them, stress them and even kill them with invasive procedures and poisonous treatments…

The choice is yours … but … I feel the Farmacists Desk Reference (FDR) will help you  to know what you are doing and why you are doing it”   Don Tolman

If you don’t know your Endocrine from your Lymphatic, this book’s got you covered!


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