Farmacist Desk Reference Vol 3



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If you loved the internationally acclaimed Farmacist Desk Reference (FDR) volumes 1 & 2 you’ll love Volume 3!

This book is by no means a substitute for the 1,600-page compendium that is Don Tolman’s original FDR 1 & 2.  The FDR3 is simply the perfect, easily digestible, ‘shake you up’ version that will heighten your awareness and give you a broad understanding of what Self-Care is all about.



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In this Farmacist Desk Reference Vol. 3, Don Tolman provides you with a quick reference to understanding the 7 systems of your body. He shows you their interconnectedness with whole foods. And how this affects us when we consume them.

This 200+ page book is beautifully illustrated with colour diagrams. These depict the link between food and the parts of the body that benefit. Thus, making it easy for you to understand, connect and heal your body.

The FDR 3 is essentially two small books in one.  The first is about whole food medicine. While the second is an introduction to the 7 Body Systems and the foods that target and support those systems.  All the while providing many ancient epicures and nuggets of wisdom to help you heal, repair, and flourish. A book that you, your family, and loved ones will refer to time and time again.

The essence of the saying

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Let Medicine Be Thy Food”

from Hippocrates is captured within this book. A must-have for anyone new to the journey of self-healing and wellness, and to those that have followed a wholistic lifestyle for many years. There’s something in this book for everyone!

“The choice is yours … but … I feel the Farmacists Desk Reference (FDR) will help you to know what you are doing and why you are doing it”  Don Tolman



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