Eye of Horus -Saline Eye Drops

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Blink those tired eyes away with a couple of drops of Eye of Horus saline drops. And see clearly again! Plus, feel fresh and ready to see the world! Okay, so not the entire world! But it can help clear up irritation, dryness, or sore and scratchy eyes.

Especially important with our extended screentime!

Additionally, it may help with more specific bacterial eye infections too. Pure and simple does it.



  • May be beneficial to soothe tired, puffy, or dry eyes.
  • Use to relieve symptoms of eye infections such as conjunctivitis and sties.
  • May support itchy eyes during seasonal allergies.

Dendritic sea salt is ultra-fine, making for easy dissolution in water. This purified form of salt ensures consistency. Because it contains only sodium and chloride. And both are needed for a saline solution. When using a saline solution for the eyes, no other minerals or additives should be present.

Therefore, this chemical-free saline solution should be kept handy on your desk, in your handbag, or in the first aid kit.


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These saline drops are 100% natural. Combining distilled water and dendritic sea salt creates a healing force of nature.

It is gentle and effective for daily use. As well as for acute inflammation or infection.

Order yours now and feel the relief!


If you’re feeling the strain from excess screen time, give these eye exercises a go too! May be beneficial when combined with Don’s Eye of Horus. Remember, we only have one pair of eyes and the World Health Organisation has stated that 50% of all worldwide vision impairment is avoidable! So let’s get on with caring for our eyes.



  • Apply 3-4 drops in each eye. May be used several times a day.
  • Don’s saline drops may be used daily to support healthy eyes.
  • Glass dropper for easy application.

For additional support combine with Don’s Nature’s Silver Bullet, as this may support immune health, from the inside. Or you’ll love the Cold & Flu Nurture Pack, for all your immune needs!

This pack contains:

Don’s Breathe EZ Nasal Spray

Don’s Congest Ease Chest Rub

Don’s Eye of Horus Saline Eye Drops

Phi Mint Essential Oil

Additional information


Distilled Water, Dendritic Sea Salt


30 ml (1 Oz.)


Eye of Horus is a 100% natural formula.
If you are unsure of the suitability of this product for you, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or optometrist prior to use.
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Keep away from children.

1 review for Eye of Horus -Saline Eye Drops

  1. Sophia Myliotis (verified owner)

    I can’t live without these eye drops. I have very sensitive eyes and felt like a needed some daily love for my eyes so I started using these 8 years ago every morning on waking and haven’t looked back. My husband and kids love them too.

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