Certified Organic CABALA Juice Powder 230 g / 8 oz



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Get your CABALA juice going!

This raw juice powder is an all-time classic.

Want more energy?

Skin feeling dull?

Struggling to focus?

CABALA juice may be the key to you looking and feeling younger! Think of it as your own organic tonic!

The combination of these key organic fruit and vegetables supports eye, heart, brain, and skin health. Making this a classic all-rounder for body and organ support. Plus, it tastes awesome! So, the whole family will love it, with no peeling, slicing, or juicer required!

C.A.B.A.L.A is an acronym for Carrot, Apple (red), Beetroot, Apple (yellow) Lemon, and Apple (green). Packed with wholesome nutrition, this juice is the best way to start your day!


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Simplify your morning and start on the right note.  CABALA juice powder is an organic ‘gently evaporated’, bioactive blend. Know that you’ve got important vitamins and minerals to help your body cope with daily stresses.

These nutrients are also essential for helping reduce the signs of ageing. And they support those all-important organs: heart, eyes, brain and skin! So not only will you feel better on the inside, but you’ll also look it on the outside!

The technology used to make this powder uses gentle, light, colour frequencies. These help the evaporation of organic fruits and vegetables. Creating a “living” powdered blend. The entire process only takes minutes, not days or weeks! A better way than many other processes of freezing and intense heat vacuum. As these may be damaging the sensitive vitamins and minerals.

This method ensures the fruit and vegetables keep their nutritional value. Plus, their vibrant colours, flavours, and fibre content remain intact. So, you get a great tasting, super nutritious juice powder! As good as eating these fresh!


An easy, convenient way to jumpstart your day with this organic blend of fruit and vegetables. Another simple way to tick the box for getting a great source of vitamins and minerals!


Watch this quick YouTube video by Don Tolman. He discusses how CABALA juice powder is made and the benefits!

Additional information


Carrot, Apple (red), Beetroot, Apple (yellow) Lemon and Apple (green)

Directions for Use

Mix 2 tablespoons (approx. 20 g) of Raw organic CABALA juice powder into 250 – 300 ml of room temperature water. Stir well until blended.

Handy Tips:
Use a stick blender or protein shaker to gain a great smooth consistency.
Can add ice after it is blended, for a cooler, refreshing drink.

Warnings/ Cautions

No known warnings or cautions.

Note: Best stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Always tightly seal the container to prevent moisture from causing the powder to clump.


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