Bush Fuchsia Dosage Bottle – 25ml


The Bush Fuchsia Flower Essence assists with problem solving and improves one’s access to intuition; helping a person to trust their own ‘gut’ feelings.

It allows for balance between the logical/rational and the intuitive/creative parts of the mind; the integration between the male and female aspects and gives people courage and clarity in public speaking as well as the ability to speak out about their own convictions.

Great for children undergoing speech therapy or where there is struggle with understanding school work.

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Helps to Transform:

  • Switched off
  • Nervousness about public speaking
  • Ignored ‘gut’ feelings
  • Clumsy
  • Untrusting of Intuition
  • Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia
  • ADD
  • Reading / Writing Difficulties
  • Blocked Teaching Ability


  • The courage to speak out
  • Clarity
  • In touch with intuition
  • Integration of information
  • Integration of male and female aspects


This 25ml dosage bottle will last 3 to 4 weeks when taken as recommended:

7 drops a.m (upon rising) and 7 drops p.m (upon retiring) either administered under the tongue or in a glass of water.


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