Billy Goat Plum Dosage Bottle – 25ml


Billy Goat Plum Bush Flower Essence is for those experiencing feelings of shame, self disgust and self-loathing and for where there is a sense of feeling revolted and dirty about sex; feeling unclean afterwards.

It can also be for feelings of revulsion about other physical aspects such as acne, eczema, a large nose …

… more details below including usage instructions.


Helps to Transform:

  • Shame
  • Physical Loathing
  • Inability to Accept the Physical Self
  • Blocked Sensuality
  • Unable to see beauty in self
  • Sexual Revulsion


  • Acceptance of Self and One’s Physical Body
  • Sexual Pleasure and Enjoyment
  • Open Mindedness



Administer 7 drops either under the tongue or in a glass of water twice a day – a.m and p.m. Preferably on rising and on retiring.


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