Banksia Robur Dosage Bottle – 25ml


Banksia Robur Bush Flower Essence helps to address a temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm due to burn out, disappointment or frustration; especially in those who are normally very dynamic.

It works as a great pick up to get those affected back on solid ground and going again.

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Helps to Transform:

  • Disheartened
  • Lethargic / Sluggish
  • Frustrated
  • Lacking Vitality
  • Feeling Burdened / Weighed Down


  • Enjoyment of Life
  • Enthusiasm
  • Interest in Life



Administer 7 drops either under the tongue or in a glass of water twice a day – a.m and p.m. Preferably on rising and on retiring.

When bathing add seven drops of this Essence to the bath which will enhance the effects of the remedy as it will assist in washing away negativity.


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