EVENT – MEA Hosts an Intimate Morning with Don Tolman EARLY BIRD – $125.00


Come, Join us for a Morning of Ancient Wisdom & Self-Care

– Includes Crystal Bowl Session, Calming Visualisation & Organic Morning Tea


Event Details

The purpose of this event is to bring together a small group of people into a nurturing and safe space to help lighten the load of recent times by sharing wisdom and tools to help manage the toll of the times we’re living through.

Things to Bring

Attendees are advised to wear warm and comfortable clothes on the day and bring along a notepad and pen.

*Optional = a blanket (for those who feel the cold or may like to be wrapped during the toning session)

Points to Note

There will be limited parking at the venue, so please allow time to find a spot.

If coming with friends, car sharing is advised.

9am -Registration.

Please arrive for registration by 9am to enable the event to start promptly.

9.15am – 9.30am – Welcome

Toria (of Mother Earth Astrology) will welcome you in; setting expectations for the morning with a brief talk.

9.30am – 10.15am – Introduction To The Siramarti Growth Process; including an Experience of the Foundation Visualisation for the Inner Peace Series

In the Siramarti Process the term “visualization” is used in a specific way and distinguished from the practice of meditation.

From the Siramarti perspective, meditation is the process of moving inward to a still, quiet place where all your energetic bodies join in alignment to assist you to relax, become receptive and gain clarity. This is a place to just BE.

Siramarti visualizations are different; they are active in nature, requiring your full, conscious participation.

Although they create inner peace, they do so by making subtle but permanent changes to the way your brain processes incoming information.

They do this because they conform to the basic principle of brain neuroplasticity, which is the fact that apparently ingrained responses can be rewired by using visualizing techniques.

This means that chronic attitudes and beliefs that prevent you creating what you want will steadily dissolve.

A Few Benefits Regular Use of Siramarti Visualisations Bring:

• Immediate relief from present moment distress

• Increased ability to release, at will, inner limitations and blockages to

happiness and success – without the use of outside assistance

• Whole brain expansion that strengthens all aspects of consciousness:

mental, emotional, bodily and higher self (intuitive)

• Greatly improved energetic protection to minimise over-sensitivity to others’

attitudes and feelings

• Better decision making and ability to take charge of one’s life under stress

• Improved vitality and well-being

• More harmonious relationships

10.15am – 11.15am – Ancient Wisdom with Don

Don Tolman (known as the Wholefood Med-i-cine Man) is something of a legend; having helped thousands of people find their way to wellness by applying the Wisdom and Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

Don discovered his vast knowledge whilst traveling the World for 17 years on his mission to understand all he could about health and has spoken all over the World.

As Don takes the floor, prepare to be inspired to take back control of your wellbeing and start making healthy lifestyle choices.

You will receive access to a booklet (included in the ticket price), which will contain some of the key points Don will share during this session.

11.15am – 12.00pm – Morning Tea

Also included in the ticket price is a wholesome morning tea to help nourish you from the inside out.

Food served will be organic (where possible), vegan and gluten free.

Tea and Coffee will also be available.

12.00pm – 12.30pm – White Stone Crystal Carillon Toning Experience with Don

The Carillon Bowl is a large crystal bowl made from 100% pure Grade A Quartz Crystal; the design of which is based on an original artifact that was found in Egypt.

It’s said the original bowl was used in hierosonic chambers by priests in order to tune into other states of consciousness and for healing purposes.

It’s special vibrations (set in the Key of David (G Gb/F#))instill an overall soothing effect and can be used to promote hea1ing within your mind and body

Come and experience a Toning session with Don

The Carillon Bowl can be used to:

Break up physical, mental, and emotional blockages in your body

• Enter a heightened state of consciousness

• Promote the natural hea1ing powers of the body

12.30pm – 12.45pm – Questions

This section is for those who may have questions related to the day’s experience that have not already been answered.

12.45pm – 13.00pm – Close

*Please note that although we will endeavour to stick to the schedule as much as we are able, the timings of the activities and their duration may differ slightly on the day.

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