Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – November 2020

We’re building to a Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

…& our final Eclipse season of 2020.

Eclipses can ripple in change (usually over a 6 month period) & a rise in intensity

… & with Gemini wanting to do a little bit of everything be mindful of overwhelm;

perhaps bought on by a lack of focus

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Moon Into Taurus – November 27th to 29th

As The Moon moves through Taurus for the next couple of days; meeting with Uranus

… consider what stability means to you.

Uranus brings volatility & we’ve especially seen that this year!

Read today’s post for some awareness into this topic.

I hope it brings you peace.

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Moon into Aries – 25th to 27th November

The Moon has moved into Aries upping motivation and

– for the first time in a while –

Mars (ruler of Aries) is direct!

This is a power-packed couple of days to forge ahead & be Brave!

The Venus/Uranus

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