Flower Essences

Bush Flower Essence Category - StoreThere is a healing power inherent in nature; available for all of us.

Have you ever noticed how a nature walk can centre and calm you?

How the warm sun can lift your mood?

How a swim in the ocean can refresh and revive?

Flower Essences use the healing power of plants to bring about spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Made by distilling the essence of the flower in purified water these gentle yet powerful remedies are self-adjusting; working at exactly the level that’s needed to bring about change.

Safe for both adults and children their healing properties have been interpreted by Ian White using the Doctrine of Signatures, which is a way to discern how the look of a flower – along with its properties, needs and attributes – relate to certain conditions.

The essences often work in magical ways either bringing about changes on a personal level or guiding you to the right person or next step on your path forward.

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