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Mercury in the Shadow Period – Mercury Enters Capricorn

If you remember from Thursday’s blog post we are now in the shadow period for our last Mercury Retrograde of 2016 and at 07:18am this morning (AEST) Mercury entered Capricorn. Mercury will climb from zero to 15 degrees of Capricorn before changing direction, re-traversing the same degrees and re-entering Sagittarius. Therefore, paying attention to what […]

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Mercury Retrograde – You are now in the Shadow Period

We have just entered the shadow period for our last Mercury Retrograde of 2016. At 11:02am this morning (AEST), Mercury passed 28 degrees and 50 seconds of Sagittarius. This is the point, to which Mercury will return on his next backwards journey before he once again turns direct. Mercury will traverse two signs during this […]

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The Next Phase of Mercury Retrograde

We have now entered the next phase of this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. Are you starting to intuit a few ideas?  Can you now see a glimmer of hope around the way forward? Is light starting to break through at the end of all the frustration?  Between now and September 22nd be prepared to take […]

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