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Sagittarius Season – New Moon in Scorpio, Full Moon in Gemini, Mars Synodic Cycle Renews

November could feel quite heavy, as Mars joins the Sun and combusts.

This marks the end of a 25-month long cycle, so he’s wearied and somewhat depleted, which may translate to your energy levels.

Week beginning 6th November could be particularly low in energy as it also marks the end of an Eclipse-heavy Lunar Cycle.

Although New Moons often see a return of energy, the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th might not deliver in the usual way, as the Mars combustion is encapsulated into the Lunar Month ahead, along with a Saturn-heavy Full Moon.

This is a month to trust yourself, adhere to your inner guidance, contemplate what needs to change with honesty and up the self care!

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Scorpio Season: New Moon in Libra, Full Moon in Taurus – Eclipse Season

October brings Eclipse Season as intensity rises.

Both the New Moon and Full Moon Eclipses belong to Saros Cycle 7 bringing powerful change and rapid transformation as obstacles move away.

Perfect energy for Scorpio season, as sign that’s no stranger to transformation and elimination.

This month can bring crisis and yet with the Jupiter/Uranus alignments at the Full Moon, faith that it’s moving you forward to more joyful times.

Stay True, Trust the Path & Allow it lead you to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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Libra Season: New Moon in Virgo, Full Moon in Aries

Expect the impetus for forward-progress to increase as we move from mid-September to mid-October.

There’s plenty of positivity around with Venus and Mercury both trining Jupiter and Uranus this lunar month

The Virgo New Moon may inspire you to up-level your health rituals, add spontaneity to family life and move forward with the changes that the last few months have instigated.

Whilst the Aries Full Moon at the end of September embodies dynamic, change energy with the potential for a few surprises and renewed sparks.

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