Category: Aquarius

Surrender to Separation and Shine – New Moon in Aquarius

If a man bestowed with a fart synonym for a surname can become president of the United States – what’s holding you back? Could Donald have done us all a favour? The New Moon will exact on 28th January at 10:06:57am here in Brisbane (AEST); bringing forth a potential new beginning in the area of […]

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What Gifts do you bring? – The Sun Moves into Aquarius

Tomorrow morning (20th January 2017) at 07:24am (AEST) the Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius signalling a month to honour  innovation, individuality and your unique self. What gifts do you bring to humanity when you stand in the light of your own truth? What are you here to do/to be/to offer? Aquarius ushers forth […]

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Aquarius Full Moon – August 2016

On Thursday we have our August Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius illuminating where you are at in relation to pouring forth your innate gifts to humanity. In Leo, we connect with our core self, our innate creativity and self expression; our inner light/love essence. In Aquarius we meet with society, our place as […]

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