Intention Setting Considerations – The Astrological Houses


  • First House: The Self, How you come across to others, How you meet new situations, Your Image
  • Second House: Money, How you earn your money, Personal possessions of value, Your Self Worth and Values
  • Third House: Communication, Siblings, Neighbours, Short Journeys, Self Expression, School
  • Fourth House: Home, Family, Deepest Self, LIneage
  • Fifth House: Innate Creativity Children, Inner Child, Joy, Lovers
  • Sixth House: Day-To-Day Work, Health, Daily Routines
  • Seventh House: Partnerships (intimate or business), Projection
  • Eighth House: Intimacy, Sex, Inheritances, Taxes, Shared Resources, Birth and Death, Psychic Realm, 
  • Ninth House: Long-Distance Travel, Spirituality, Your Big Picture, Personal Growth, Higher Education
  • Tenth House: Career, Ambitions, Status out in the World, 
  • Eleventh House: Friendships, Groups, Hopes and Wishes 
  • Twelfth House: Surrender, The Collective, Hospitals/Institutions, Patterns of Self Sabotage