Sagittarius Season – New Moon in Scorpio, Full Moon in Gemini, Mars Synodic Cycle Renews

Sagittarius Season – Highlights

  • New Moon in Scorpio – 20 degrees – 13th November
  • Sagittarius Season Begins – 23rd November
  • Mars moves into Sagittarius – 24th November
  • Full Moon in Gemini – 4 degrees – 27th November
  • Mercury moves into Capricorn – 2nd December
  • Venus moves into Scorpio – 5th December
  • Neptune stations-direct – 7th December

*Dates shown in AEST (Brisbane Time).

Sagittarius Season

November could feel quite heavy, as Mars joins the Sun and combusts. This marks the end of a 25-month long cycle, so he’s wearied and somewhat depleted, which may translate to your energy levels.

Week beginning 6th November could be particularly low in energy as it also marks the end of an Eclipse-heavy Lunar Cycle.

Although New Moons often see a return of energy, the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th might not deliver in the usual way, as the Mars combustion is encapsulated into the Lunar Month ahead, along with a Saturn-heavy Full Moon.

This is a month for deep healing, to release what’s not working, to process, integrate and to up the self-care.

The more rested, healthy, and topped up with wellbeing you are … the easier it is to navigate cosmic energy.

Mars begins his new synodic cycle on the 18th conjunct the Sun in Scorpio bringing greater focus and motivation into the next 26-months. With a sextile to the Moon/Pluto conjunction at the reset point there’s plenty of potency and lessons around power could be important over the next 2 years.

To see where you’ll be focusing your energy for the next 2 years, look to where 25 degrees of Scorpio falls in your birth chart.

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon falls on November 13th at 20 degrees 43 seconds of Scorpio, highlighting the Sabian Symbol:

“Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders”

Sabian Symbol: Scorpio 21

In addition, Mars is co-present with the Sun and Moon and opposing Uranus in the New Moon chart, indicating a need to trust your own innate wisdom.

It’s time to get emotionally honest about the people, situations and events surrounding you. What’s serving you and what needs to change?

The best guidance comes from within, so tune into the the wisdom of your heart and discern what it’s telling you.

What do you need?

What do you value?

What feels good?

What feels outdated?

The completion of the existing Jupiter/Uranus cycle is making way for the new one, which ‘officially’ starts on April 21st next year. You’re being asked to assess what feels right (aligned with a joyful future) … and what doesn’t.

What represents more growth and freedom and how can you make changes that would shift you towards that?

Mars/Uranus can be a difficult transit, but like everything it’s all about the way you handle the energy.

You may be facing a situation where, although your heart tells you its right, those around you or society tend to share a different view or perhaps you need to make changes that you know will impact others.

Perhaps you feel so walled-in and overwhelmed with your current circumstances you have no idea where to start.

The new moon falls within a degree of where the new cycle begins, so this month will be important.

Steps to make it easier:

  1. If feeling overwhelmed, simplify things around you and take the pressure off
  2. Make a list of what needs to change and prioritise it.
  3. Focus on number one from the list created in step 2.
  4. Consider what will happen if you don’t act on your wisdom … and what will happen if you do …
  5. If others are involved, how can you make the situation a win-win for all concerned (if possible?)
  6. Is there a way you can act with integrity, wisdom and compassion and still get what you need?

Mars/Uranus can bring breakthroughs, but it can also bring anger, accidents … and actions that hurt (if not handled appropriately).

Its ultimate aim is to break you out of ruts and situations, which stifle growth.

Getting honest about such situations is the first step.

From this place, you can look at goals, strategies, consequences, ideal outcomes and create a plan to move forward.

Uranus can also bring awakening and with Mars (ruler of this new moon) sitting on “A Rabbit Metamorphosed Into A Nature Spirit” you may see things in a different light or find an ‘out of the box’ solution by the time December rolls around.

Mars also trines Neptune asking you to be compassionate with yourself and others and intimating that a meditation practice or creative solution could be helpful in helping you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Neptune’s degree “A New Moon Reveals That It’s Time For People To Go Ahead With Their Different Projects” indicates it may be time to move on from something that’s reaching completion … a project, person, group or job.

What no longer feels aligned may now fall away, as Mars moves into exact alignment with Neptune and begins his new synodic cycle. Happening the weekend of 17th/18th of November.

Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini falls on November 27th, highlighting the Sabian Symbol:

“A Radical Magazine or Publication, Asking for Action, Displays a Sensational Front Page”

Sabian Symbol: Gemini 5

Saturn forms a T-Square with the Full Moon and indicates potential frustrations, feeling burdened, a perceived lack of support and perhaps loneliness/alienation.

The need to speak your truth will be strong as we move through the last week of November; especially with Mercury and Mars now in Sagittarius (and Sagittarius season underway).

Sag energy can be tactless and, at times, blunt, so be mindful of that … and of pushing for something that’s not ready.

Especially important, as Mercury (ruler of the Full Moon) is square to Neptune bringing potential for confusion and misunderstanding, so ensure you fully understand the situation.

Seek clarity and deal with yourself, situations and others through compassionate and responsible thoughts and actions where possible.

Venus on the South Node (in Libra) with Mercury in Sagittarius trine to the Aries North Node, indicates relationships or your style of relating and communicating may need to change … or at least be re-assessed.

A brave new world may be calling, but there’s a big picture that needs to be understood.

Use the compassionate action noted above as a way to move into that New World, and seeking win-win solutions (for all involved).

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