Libra Season: New Moon in Virgo, Full Moon in Aries

Key Message: Embody the New & Get Your House in Order

Libra Season – Highlights

  • New Moon in Virgo at 21 degrees and 58 seconds – 15th September
  • Mercury stations-direct at 8 degrees of Virgo – 16th September
  • Look in the early morning sky to see Venus shining as Morning Star
  • The Sun enters Libra heralding Libra Season and The Equinox – 23rd September
  • Mercury Trine Jupiter (25th September) … and later Uranus (1st October)
  • Full Moon in Aries at 6 degrees Aries – 29th September
  • Venus completes her squares with Jupiter (17th September) & Uranus (30th September)

*Dates shown in AEST (Brisbane Time).

New Moon in Virgo / Libra Season

The New Moon in Virgo falls on September 15th, highlighting the Sabian Symbol:

“A Royal Coat of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones”

Sabian Symbol: Virgo 22

You may recognise this symbol as the degree, which Mercury stationed-retrograde back on August 24th.

“When Mercury reverses through Earth signs, we question our tangible, physical needs and the concrete reality of our lives.

The symbol is asking you to appreciate what you’ve built so far

… whilst allowing anything no longer aligned with your future-self goals to be relinquished”.

It also implies something of value that’s been attained; perhaps through your handling and processing of the retrograde-dense energy of the last few months …

Whether that be through spiritual growth, material wealth, an improvement within the family or something else tangible, which feels special and rewarding.

Mercury turns direct shortly after the New Moon instilling the impetus to move ahead, whist also ‘getting your house in order’ and will positively aspect both Jupiter and Uranus (as will Venus). This is beautiful, uplifting energy … helping to embody a positive mindset, embrace the bigger picture, find innovative solutions and say yes! to growth.

It’s also likely to be a busy month with a nice surprise or two thrown in.

The last few months of Venus’ retrograde journey through Leo has likely put you back in touch with your innermost heartfelt desire(s) and perhaps you feel like you’re returning back home to yourself in some way?

Look for Venus’ presence in the early morning sky where she’s appearing as the Morning Star; bringing clarity … and shining your way to a new beginning.

The symbol of the New Moon is also related to family lineage and customs, so maybe there’s something to work with around those themes; perhaps planning a spontaneous trip to make some special memories.

As well as orderliness and increased ability to put the details to a plan, Virgo energy relates to rituals and purification. As Spring continues to bloom here in Australia (Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere), the call to detox, clean up your diet and increase exercise may be strong.

The Equinox arrives on September 23rd as we enter Libra season when the following themes will be highlighted: give-and-take (relationships), harmony, peace, social-life, beauty, fairness, balance, duality, ‘you vs me’ …

Family values and your ethics regarding your family may be up for review with Jupiter now moving retrograde.

Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries falls on September 29th illuminating:

“A Man Successfully Expressing Himself In Two Worlds At Once”

Sabian Symbol: Aries 7

This suggests a need for adaptability and the potential of juggling two Worlds – for example: your ‘day-job and side-hustle’, your ‘material and spiritual life’, commuting between different cities, connecting with 2 different types of people, navigating two relationships …

The Venus and Mercury trines with Uranus are strong in the Full Moon chart with Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra; suggesting the week beginning 25th of September as exciting, dynamic … and potentially surprising.

The way you go after what you want and your communication-style might need refinement and themes such as: fairness, diplomacy, harmony, impulsiveness, ‘aggression vs assertion’, motivation, ‘focus vs distraction’ and procrastination may arise as the full moon builds (exact September 29th).

New relationships formed around this time may embody a soul mate connection with a romantic and electric quality; whilst existing relationships may find renewed spark.

Energy will be high, as will the desire for pleasure, inspiration and stimulation.

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