Virgo Season – New Moon in Leo, Full Moon in Pisces

Key Message: Live from the heart, choose alignment over fear

Virgo Season – Highlights

  • New Moon in Leo at 23 degrees and 17 seconds – 16th August
  • *Sun Square Uranus
  • Venus Appears as Morning Star – 17th August
  • The Sun enters Virgo heralding Virgo Season – 23rd August
  • Mercury stations-retrograde at 21 degrees and 51 seconds Virgo – 24th August
  • Uranus stations-retrograde 23 degrees and 4 seconds Taurus – 29th August
  • Full Moon in Pisces (supermoon) at 7 degrees and 25 seconds – 31st August

*Dates shown in AEST (Brisbane Time). For the Northern Hemisphere, you may need to reduce by one day

New Moon in Leo / Virgo Season

The New Moon in Leo falls on 16th August highlighting the Sabian Symbol:

“Totally Concentrated Upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, A Man Is Setting In A State Of Neglect Of His Body”

Sabian Symbol: Leo

Although it’s important to stand by our commitments and look after those around us, this symbol is a reminder that life is supposed to be lived with joy, embodiment and inspiration.

Uranus square to the New Moon ushers in a desire for liberation from anything that feels laborious, staid or outdated, and asks you to listen to your heart’s call for fun and inspiration, whilst considering a balanced approach and innovative solutions to your practical needs.

Venus Retrograde has you re-considering your values, tastes and relationships and, although she remains retrograde until September 4th, her deepest journey is almost over as this New Moon exacts.

Venus is now Morning Star bringing clarity and shining your way to a new beginning.

Saturn’s influence around the Full Moon brings acceptance and patience; whilst Mercury Retrograde (24th August to 16th September) helps you work through the change(s) this period has instigated.

Virgo Season starts on August 23rd when the Sun enters the sign of order, refinement and practical methodology.

This Lunar Month brings opportunity to begin implementing a strong foundation to take you into 2024.

Full Moon in Pisces / Saturn Retrograde Mid-Point

The Full Moon in Pisces falls on August 31st illuminating:

“A Girl Blowing A Bugle”

Sabian Symbol: Pisces 8

You may recall this was the degree upon which Saturn Stationed-Retrograde mid-June (18th) and it’s incredibly important as we approach this Full Moon because the Sun is opposing Saturn.

That means we’re at the mid-point of the Saturn Retrograde cycle!

Whatever seed was planted early to mid-June is now ready to be consciously acknowledged and worked through. Something is falling away, along with your resistance to the needed change.

Saturn changes don’t feel ‘easy’, so this is a slow-burn transit for the house (area of life) holding 0 to 7 degrees of Pisces in your chart and for any planets or points in contact with that section.

Until now you may have felt stuck, fearful and tense; perhaps unable to see a way forward.

Acceptance of the circumstance will likely appear around this Full Moon and enable you to see at least the beginning of the path.

The Sun-Saturn Inconjunct, occurring September 25th, brings the ability to move more quickly along that path, but it won’t be until Saturn passes the degree at which he stationed-retrograde (7th Feb 2024) that the full manifestation will occur.

Trust that whatever ends, comes to fruition or falls away as a result of Saturn’s Retrograde journey is clearing the way to your future and, because Saturn is master of time, acknowledge the necessary pace needed for the transition.

Pre-paving through visualisation & feeling into your future is a great idea; especially from October 16th until Saturn stations-direct on November 4th, when delays could increase tension.

Give Saturn a little time to speed up after November 4th and it’ll be all systems go.

Pisces Full Moons bring release, forgiveness, heightened emotion, compassion and, often insight.

Uranus stationing-retrograde on August 29th signifies the change(s) now underway, as well as time to process & action the new levels of awareness and awakening you’ve been gifted.

Form and order are created from chaos and, although it can feel disconcerting and uncomfortable, it’s important to trust the process when it appears in your life and embrace the new.

To understand the area of your life Saturn is activating (symbolised by the house), click here.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury turns retrograde on August 24th backtracking from 21 to 8 degrees of Virgo, the station-retrograde degree being:

“A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones”

Virgo 22

When Mercury reverses through Earth signs, we question our tangible, physical needs and the concrete reality of our lives.

The symbol is asking you to both appreciate what you’ve built so far – reassessing what can remain or be renovated, whilst allowing anything no longer aligned with your future self goals to be relinquished.

August is a great month to

  1. Declutter your home, car, garden, office, garage
    • Tidy, file-away, deep-clean, renovate
    • Clear or re-organise files on computers and phones
  2. Re-Budget
    • Re-assess Expenses
    • Look for cheaper deals
    • End wasteful subscriptions
  3. Up-level your body with an improved nutrition or exercise plan
  4. Attend to overdue accounts
  5. Detox / Fast
  6. Re-assess physical security (including monetary) needs
  7. Set fresh new intentions for your physical well-being
  8. Re-align with your values
  9. Release limiting beliefs
  10. Recommit to learning and remaining curious
  11. Revisit your wealth creation plan
  12. Research or Revise the details of projects
  13. Commit to self love over self criticism

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