Leo Season – New Moon in Cancer, Full Moon in Aquarius

Leo Season – Highlights

  • New Moon in Cancer at 24 degrees and 56 seconds – 18th July
  • Nodal Shift to Aries/Libra axis – 18th July
  • Full Moon in Aquarius at 9 degrees and 15 seconds – 2nd August
  • Venus Retrograde at 28 degrees and 36 seconds of Leo – 23rd July
  • Chiron Retrograde at 19 degrees and 57 seconds of Aries – 23rd July
  • Mercury enters the shadow zone for his upcoming retrograde on 4th August

*Dates shown in AEST (Brisbane Time). For the Northern Hemisphere, you may need to reduce by one day

A Potentially Deep, Intense and Transforming Month Ahead

Relationships will be an important theme this lunar month with Venus turning Retrograde on 23rd July, alongside Chiron. There is potential for healing, but issues may first have to be aired and worked through with love and compassion.

Leo season takes us into the heart where our true desires, innermost callings and ability to shine reside.

Take time to work out what you want to do with the next 12 years of your life and honour what the growing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction – and cycle of renewal! – is stirring within you.

Where is joy calling?

2024 offers the chance to start moving forward with this new reality, so take it seriously!

Venus will turn retrograde on:

“A Mermaid Has Climbed To The Rocky Shore Of a Bleak Coast; She Awaits The Prince Who Will Bring Her Immortality”

Sabian Symbol: Leo 29

That the landscape is described as ‘bleak’ and ‘rocky’ sounds rather depressing. If things haven’t been so great in your relationship(s), Venus could afford you the opportunity to go within and reassess your desires and values.

Perhaps some introspection will help you see things in a new light, bringing forth renewed inspiration and a fresh goal that can now be pursued.

The Prince can be an actual person, but also indicative of someone emerging into greater light – perhaps through gaining more independence and self-worth.

This is a great few weeks to re-assess your creative potentials and what you’d like to create over the coming 18 months in your life, as well as being open to healing and transmutation of energy.

Venus retrogrades can bring expenses in the form of repair-needs, so if – for example – you have Leo in the 4th house of your chart, home appliances my need some attention.

To see the area of life (related to the house Venus transits in your chart) that’s likely to be affected, click here.

Tastes and desires can change between now and September, so probably best to hold off on big purchases – if that’s possible until Venus stations-direct on September 4th.

Chiron will turn retrograde on:

“A Young Girl Feeding Birds in Winter”

Sabian Symbol: Aries 20

Winter here can also be taken as something ‘bleak’ (at least for the birds), but the ‘young girl’ is choosing kindness; demonstrating through an act of love how to bring compassion, nurture and sustenance to someone or something in need. There is a feeling of calm in this symbol and a joy and innocence in giving.

With Venus and Chiron turning retrograde on the same day it could be that something or someone could be in need of lifting up … or perhaps renewed inspiration, self-care and love are necessary.

Who are you taking care of … or who is taking care of you?

Do you need to top up your self-love and self-acceptance this month?

How can you put more joy into each of your days?

Stay alert for any a-ha moments and choose to create your future consciously from a place of alignment love and trust, releasing fear and resistance as it arises.

The New Moon in Cancer carries an element of intensity & a need for something fresh and stimulating. Anything stale is going to call for an upgrade this lunar month – whether that’s re-decorating your home, re-thinking relationship needs or planning some fun ventures.

Negatively: Pluto’s opposition could indicate deep conversations, but it can also suggest power struggles, fears arising around abandonment, a replay of unresolved childhood patterns or emotional confrontation.

Positively: Pluto’s opposition requires honesty and a confrontation with anything hidden that’s causing you angst. Choosing to acknowledge and heal ‘what lies beneath’ can help release toxicity and bring a sense of empowerment, which is fitting with the symbol of the New Moon:

“A Leader Of Men, Wrapped In An Invisible Cloak Of Power”

Sabian Symbol: Cancer 25

Are you consciously creating your life to be one of empowerment, with you in the leading role, or are subconscious patterns running rampant and sabotaging what you truly want and need?

The New Moon will also trine Neptune bringing compassion and an increase in sensitivity, imagination and insight.

Listen to your intuition this month and choose activities, which help increase your ‘inner knowing’ (such as meditation) if you’re feeling lost or out of sorts.

The Cancer Moon/Neptune combination also brings a greater desire to protect and care for those around you.

If you feel you need help creating the life you truly desire, I fully recommend the services of the ladies at Reach Potential. Click here to find them.

The Nodes shift from Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra, where they’ll reside for the next 18 months, shortly after the New Moon exacts.

The North Node in Aries encourages bravery and daring as a new venture calls, but with Mars opposing Saturn, patience may be needed. It will be important to heed your instincts now and tune into the call to adventure.

The South Node in Libra reminds you to balance your new found drive and initiative with consideration for others and compromise.

How can you create something new, whilst keeping a sense of balance and harmony around you?

With Venus aspecting the Nodes (as they make their transition), her retrograde period will be important in helping you establish what it is you truly need to move into the next stage of your life.

With Venus squaring Uranus during this time, relationships could be unpredictable, requiring a release of tension or some readjustment.

If your relationship is strong it will likely be re-invigorated; especially so if you honour what’s arising and seek to make improvements.

Rocky relationships could end, however, under such a transit as one or both partners seek greater freedom or stimulation. If this is you, trust there’s something better out there!

The Full Moon in Aquarius falls on:

“A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of An Ideal Is Made To Realise That As a Person He Is Not This Ideal”

Sabian Symbol: Aquarius 10

The week leading up to a Full Moon can bring crisis or an illumination of shadow energy, so that it can be consciously acknowledged and released.

With Mercury opposing Saturn at the Full Moon you may find negative self talk arising. Changing mental beliefs, owning fears and working on feelings of worthiness and forgiveness may be important.

There could be a sense of disillusionment – perhaps something or someone hasn’t worked out as planned … or maybe you’re being pulled in a different direction that what was first anticipated.

Venus is set to square Uranus until early September, so curve-balls and plot twists are likely to be a thing!

Jupiter’s square with the Full Moon can bring opportunity for positive growth, but don’t expect it to fall in your lap, as squares usually denote some kind of challenge; perhaps an inner wrestling as you consider the secure/safe path vs. the new World that beckons.

Pluto’s square with the Nodes brings intensity and empowers you towards the future; whilst also enabling you to consider the past, whilst Venus moves back to square Uranus for the second time bringing restlessness and a desire for change.

Mercury enters the shadow zone for his upcoming retrograde (happening next Lunar Month) on August 4th. Remain aware of what happens around you between now and Mercury’s station-retrograde on August 24th to see what this period of review may mean for you.

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