Cancer Season – New Moon in Gemini, Full Moon in Capricorn

Cancer Season / New Moon in Gemini / Full Moon in Capricorn / Retrograde Energy / Solstice

Cancer Season / Solstice

Cancer Season arrives as we welcome the Solstice on June 22nd:

  • Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere (darkest time of the year),
  • Summer Solstice if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere (lightest time of the year);

This is a time when we naturally reorient ourselves with the June Solstice being one of the four ‘cornerstones’ of the year signifying seasonal change.

An Introspective Month Ahead

There’s plenty of planetary activity encapsulated within this Lunar Cycle, which looks to be one of reflection and reassessment.

The New Moon in Gemini occurs a few days prior to the Solstice on June 18th; on the same day that Saturn stations-retrograde prompting a sense of withdrawal – particularly where Pisces and Cancer reside in your chart – and especially so if 7 degrees of Pisces contacts planets or points.

You may have been feeling a drop in motivation in the area of life represented by those placements with your intuition letting you know “now’s not the time to push” – The Meanings of the Astrological Houses

As Saturn slows, life can feel quite subdued and heavy, so some tiredness mid to late June is also likely.

Meanwhile, Venus enters the shadow zone for her upcoming retrograde on 20th June when awareness may start to arise related to relationship re-adjustments and desires.

Be open to what comes up and work through it accordingly.

When planets turn retrograde, it signifies a readjustment of perspectives and a period of contemplation is likely.

Saturn retrogrades enable a re-connection with your inner authority. Cutting out external noise so you can return to following your own guidance.

They’re great for:

  • Clearing fear
  • Re-adjusting boundaries
  • Re-establishing foundations
  • Re-strategising goals
  • Redressing karma
  • and Re-prioritising duties.

Saturn in Pisces in particular may ask you to address your emotional well-being.

Venus Retrogrades tend to have you reassessing:

  • What you value
  • What brings you pleasure
  • Your desires
  • Your relationship needs
  • What connection means to you

With Chiron stationing-retrograde the same day as Venus, old hurts may re-surface along with fresh insight and the chance to heal.

The New Moon falls at 26 degrees and 43 Seconds of Gemini, the Sabian Symbol of which is:

A Young Gypsy Emerging From The Woods Gazes At Far Cities

Sabian Symbol: Gemini 27

This speaks of the magical stirring of new potential, moving from one stage of life to another and possibly restlessness/dissatisfaction with one’s current circumstances.

The ruler of the New Moon (Mercury) sits on 11 degrees 52 seconds of Gemini

A Slave Girl Demands Rights Of Her Mistress

Sabian Symbol: Gemini 12

This is also a symbol of growth; representing liberation from limitation and the desire to take charge of ones destiny.

With Venus entering the shadow zone just after the New Moon arrives, communication and connection in relationships may need some work.

The Sun and Moon will also square Neptune on 27 degrees 38 seconds of Pisces

“A Fertile Garden Under The Full Moon”

Sabian Symbol: Pisces 28

You may not know where this new cycle of growth will take you, but with curiosity, trust and tender care it’s likely something good will bloom.

This month will be a good time to clear fears around uncertainty and confusion.

You may feel more emotional, tired – or both! and dreams may be revealing and prophetic.

Neptune will join Saturn and station-retrograde on 1st July making the last week of June and the first week of July a particularly intuitive and receptive time.

Watch Points

Take care the weekend of 24th June, as a Mars/Uranus square builds (exacting Monday here in Brisbane / Sunday in Northern Hemispheres).

Negatively, this aspect can lead to haste, angry outbursts and accidents.

Positively, it can be a good time to do something a little different, break up a stagnant routine and glean insight on where you’re feeling restricted.

As Jupiter and Uranus move towards their conjunction in Taurus you’re on the brink of a new 12-year cycle. Trust that the growth and opportunities you’re being presented with are in relation to your new path. Whatever needs to be relinquished will gradually fall away this year as the new dawn slowly emerges.

The Full Moon in Capricorn arrives at 11 degrees on July 3rd, alongside a Venus/Uranus square, Venus applying to Mars and a heavy Neptune influence.

With ruler Saturn retrograde in Pisces you’re asked to go within and tune into the wisdom of your feelings.

Saturn also forms harmonious aspects with Jupiter and the Moon; with Jupiter in harmonious aspect with the Sun. This beautiful energy denotes with care, forethought and attention to your emotional well-being fruition will come. It will likely need time and patience, so stay in your heart and enjoy the journey.

Venus and Mars are together in the Full Moon chart and still within orb of their recent squares to Uranus. Expect some unexpected events, feelings or both as we round out June and build towards this Full Moon.

As Uranus can interact with your nervous system and make everything feel like it’s sped up, it’s best to consciously take deep breaths from time to time and take ‘mini calming breaks’ to bring yourself back into balance.

Watch Point:

Be especially careful of anger and clear it as it arises. Unexpressed anger can lead to accidents and injuries whereas uncontained anger can cause harm to those you care about whether through words or actions.

Mars moves to Virgo on July 10th and Mercury moves to Leo on July 11th setting up a change of energetic-scenery as we transition from this Lunar Cycle into our next.

I’ll be posting about these two transits on my social media sites, which you can find here:



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