Aries Season – New Moon in Aries / Full Moon in Libra

Happy Equinox! Happy Astrological New Year! Happy New Lunar Cycle! New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Libra, It’s Aries Season!

Aries Season and its corresponding Lunar Cycle 

– Dates and Degrees

New Moon = 22.03.2023 | 00 degree, 49 seconds | Aries

Full Moon = 06.04.2023 | 16 degrees, 07 seconds | Libra

The Lunar Month Ahead

Starting with the Equinox, Aries Season takes us into a brand new Astrological Year.

Filled with new possibilities, experiences and energy!!

So, firstly – !!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The New Moon chart contains:

  • A Five ‘Planet’ Line-Up in Aries
  • Pluto at the final degree of Capricorn
  • Venus in Taurus conjunct the North Node
  • The Mars/Neptune Square (now waning)
  • Mars/Saturn/South Node Grand Trine
  • Mars Inconjunct Pluto

The energy of this Lunar Month feels motivating and energising

… like the Tarot card of The Fool, where we choose to step out into a brand, new adventure.

Armed with the knowledge of what that ridiculously-long Mars square Neptune bought our way – active since last October.

For me that was definitely a need to slow down and integrate much of what I’ve been working on for the last 5 years.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is:

A Woman Has Risen Out Of The Ocean, A Seal Is Embracing Her

Sabian Symbol: Aries 01

The injection of fire in the New Moon chart helps you move from the past and keep your mind firmly planted in the future you wish to create, making this a great month to seek inspiration and reignite your desires; whilst also remaining grounded and taking practical steps towards them.

The symbolism of the New Moon (Woman embraced by Seal) says: ‘The time has come for forward progress”. As you shed off the shackles of the past 3 years, you’ll find renewed motivation and ambition but remember to heed your intuition, to look for the magic of life and develop deeper trust in your wisdom.

Jupiter’s presence in Aries promises exponential growth, but be careful of pushing too hard with this placement, as that can be a fast road to burnout. Growth comes if you’re willing to take opportunities, be brave and step out of your comfort zone, but keep it balanced and adhere to the necessary inner work should things prove challenging.

Honouring how you feel takes commitment, but it’s important, because your emotions are your body’s guidance system.

Choose to feel good this year and then take responsibility for making that happen.

When Pluto moves to Aquarius on March 23rd, you’ll likely feel the shift in the way your mind works – all thanks to the Mercury/Mars mutual reception, which acts as final dispositor of Pluto at the time of his ingress – Very good to meditate on!

Potentially, you could:

  • Receive insight, ideas (or both)
  • Feel your thoughts have sped up … or your mind is processing things quicker,
  • Tune into the need to release outdated belief systems or at least contemplate a few to see if they’re still a good fit.
  • Reassess what you find ‘ideal’
  • Pledge allegiance to a new way of self-empowerment
  • Find you’re more firmly-rooted in your true (unique) self … and less inclined to worry what others think about that
  • Bare witness (or be involved with) some pretty impressive displays of innovation & technical/scientific advancement

The potency (& timing) will depend how (and when) Pluto interacts with your chart.

The shift is likely to bring relief to Capricorns and for everyone in the house of your chart where Capricorn resides; lifting intensity, along with the constant impetus to master the self … or that area of life.

He’s not quite done with you yet, though Capricorn!, as Pluto is merely dipping his toe into the ‘Aquarian zone’ at this point.

He’ll be back for one last hurrah, moving between 27 and 30 degrees of Capricorn from June 11th 2023 to January 20th 2024,

… before exiting the sign of the goat – under the beams of the Sun (in his full-empowered-magnificience) -and transitioning into Aquarius for the next 20 years.

Expect to feel this shift strongly – right into your bones – week beginning March 20th. Pluto is big energy and his move into Aquarius will begin a new era here on Earth!

That doesn’t mean things will change over night – they seldom do.

But it does mean by the time we get to 2023 we’ll be likely surrounded by new gadgets, fads and possessions

… and be in a very different space to what we are today. Yay! to evolution and personal growth.

The New Moon in Aries begins the Lunar Month, the Full Moon in Libra marks the culmination point and the April New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 20th brings it to a close.

The first week of April could hold a very different vibe to the one you’ve been living for the past 15 years, due to Pluto’s transition into Aquarius.

Life may feel more progressive, rather than oppressive, but that remains to be seen (or felt!).

I feel a little lighter and brighter when I contemplate the shift (or is that just because I have strong Capricorn placements in my birth chart?! 🙂 ).

Relationships could be the theme in the hot seat early April, as the Moon grows full in Libra,

… and with Venus moving to conjunct Uranus, you may be craving excitement.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is

“Two Prim Sisters Sitting Together in Silence”

Aries 17

… which doesn’t sound overly exciting, but perhaps that’s the issue?

Is it time to do something brave and spontaneous?

To get out into the World, … out of a rut, and to say “yes” to more of life?

If you’re single and have planets between 16 and 25 degrees (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius especially), sparks may fly when you meet a new love interest or perhaps you’ll find yourself excited by a new work offer or hobby.

If you’re already attached you may need to air out grievances, especially if you feel your growth (individual or as a partnership) is being restricted.

Although scary, getting out of your comfort zone can also be exhilarating.

Be Brave! This is Aries Season after all 🙂

Libran energy is great for a check-in with regards to give-and-take, compromise and to assess your peace and harmony barometer.

If you’re happily settled and already leading a full life, you may find joy in being able to literally sit in silence with that special person.

Feeling emotionally “held”, supported and valued will be important during April when Mars’ placement in Cancer could either express as reactive, worried, defensive, needy or withdrawn

…or protective, kind, nurturing, intuitive and considerate.

Painful memories could be evoked early April, but healing and epiphanies can also be profound.

With the Sun moving to conjunct Jupiter by mid-April, things could feel busy, so ensure you’re keeping up with your daily well-being rituals, maintaining some balance and keeping those feet on the ground.

Sun/Jupiter can be wonderfully positive and optimistic, but often doesn’t know when to say no and can take on far too much.

The ‘Two Prim Sisters’ symbol can also speak of ‘keeping mum’ and the empowerment that comes from not having to ‘over-share’ or seek approval from others.

Objectively bringing your desires into form (releasing obsession with the outcome) and allowing them time to percolate, before vocalising them to others, can often add potency.

Watch for stress, seek peace and remember the wisdom in your feelings!

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