Full Moon in Aries – Feel It, Own It, Heal It, Transmute It & Rise

Full Moon in Aries, Mars Retrograde

Full Moon in Aries – The Details

The Full Moon in Aries arrives 10th October 2022 at 06:54am (AEST, Brisbane) within 24-hours of Pluto stationing-direct. Click here for a time conversion to your part of the World.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is:

Two Prim Spinsters Sitting Together in Silence

Sabian Symbol: Aries 17

This symbol denotes it could be wise to heed the ‘silence is golden’ adage this month. If you feel triggered, take yourself off to a quiet spot and contemplate what’s arisen.

This can allow wisdom to arise and an understanding of what’s seeking healing or expression.

Energising, but potentially Challenging too

The week leading up to this Full Moon will be energising, but also likely challenging and intense.

If you’re on the path of transformation, you’ll likely feel aligned and on track,

… but it could be tough going if you’ve been burying anger and frustration or are feeling stuck in the past.

Projection and shadow work will be especially potent; allowing you to clear negative energy that arises

… or which you see reflected in loved ones.

A Chance to Re-Write the Story

Chiron inconjunct the South Node brings opportunity to lay down your stories and release old hurts.

Is it time to release the past, the blame, the blocks …

… and move more freely into an unfettered future?

There’s some wonderful creative energy as we build to the Full Moon in Aries.

Meditation, Music, Dance or maybe your Dreams could help you connect with that; whilst the attention to detail, which Mercury in Virgo brings, can help with planning and breaking it down into steps.

Beware of Taking on Too Much, as Mars prepares to Station-Retrograde

The Sun will move to Trine Mars the week following this Full Moon – exacting on 18th October.

This trine can have you feeling superhuman like:

  • You’re on top of the World,
  • You can take on Anything,
  • Anything you take on now can be easily accomplished

BUT – don’t be fooled!! and don’t say yes to anything and everything – especially if it means you’re overextending.

Mars turns retrograde on October 31st and that usually brings the reminder you’re actually just human and prone to contraction just the same as everyone else.

On top of that, the period when Mars travels Retrograde will likely lessen your energy, require you to turn inward (to process what’s arising) or both.

Leave some room for that in your calendar and you’ll move into January in a great space.

Seek Harmony & Balance whilst being truthful about your needs

The Sun/Venus conjunction brings a desire for harmony, affection and connection

… but also a need to breathe fresh life into existing partnerships, thanks to Uranus’ influence.

Uranus could also bring surprising news or exciting events and perhaps the realisation you really cannot and will not do this anymore – whatever ‘this‘ is.

Uranus awakens and shakes things up, ensuring the commitment Saturn requires is the ‘stepping up’ kind and not ‘walled-in stagnation’ kind.

This doesn’t always apply to close personal relationships – especially if you have the Aries/Libra axis across different houses in your chart.

It could be a ‘work’, ‘friendship’, ‘family’ or ‘inner-self’ situation – but, whatever it is, heed the feeling of restlessness, seek to rectify imbalances and trust it ‘s taking you to a better place.

The Libra/Aries Lunar Cycle tends to bring themes around personal needs and relationships – What do I Need?, What do you Need?, What’s Fair?

How do we support, nurture, fulfill, affect … one another’s needs?

If you feel you’ve been denying yourself, the week leading up to the Full Moon in Aries could bring that to a head – or maybe it’s a loved one feeling the imbalance?

Things to be Aware of:

This axis can bring themes around:

  • Diplomacy vs. Aggression
  • Winner Takes All vs. Win-Win
  • How one goes after Desires
  • Balance of the Feminine and Masculine within the Self
  • Latent Ambition coming to the fore

Also watch for these negative expressions arising and (if applicable) work on them accordingly:

  • Being Too Nice / Not allowing yourself to say ‘No’
  • Guilt related to your personal desires and needs
  • Feeling Dis-empowered or Thwarted in pursuit of your goals and dreams
  • Not feeling strong enough
  • Fear of anger / aggression
  • Misplaced Anger/ Aggression – not knowing how to safely diffuse it.
  • Impatience or Selfishness

Move Forward Steadily – With Patience

Saturn’s change of direction on the 23rd brings forward momentum in the area of life where 18 degrees of Taurus & Aquarius sit in your chart

… but remember what I mentioned above and be prepared further delays, which may arise as Mars stations-retrograde on the 31st.

Think of it like drawing back a bow.

Sometimes backward momentum (covering old ground) is necessary if the arrow is to shoot far and clean … and reach the target.

Signs From the Body

Look after your nervous system, keep things clear and refrain from being pulled in too many directions.

If you experience the following symptoms this month, you may find they’re anger related:

  • Rash
  • Burn
  • Accident – (Breakage, Bump, Bruise, Cut)
  • Headache

Try connecting with anger by putting pen to paper and see what comes up.

Own it, Heal It, Transmute it and Rise

To see my write up on the New Moon energy that set up this month, click here.


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