New Moon in Virgo – Remember Your Magic, Tune Into Your Body, Embrace Healthy Rituals

Virgo New Moon August 2022 – Create Rituals to Help you Thrive

The New Moon in Virgo arrives 27th August at 6.15pm (Brisbane, AEST – click to see in your timezone); setting up the energy for the Lunar Month ahead.

Remember Your Magic, Embrace Change & Healing

The New Moon in Virgo reminds you of your magic and asks that you trust the bigger picture.

This will be especially important, as the Saturn/Uranus square tightens and highlights what needs to change.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is:

“A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Energies”

Sabian Symbol: Virgo 5

September’s a month for healing, to break the cycle of ‘groundhog-day’ patterns and take practical action.

Moving forward into a healthier version of you.

Anxiety, tension and resistance are likely.

The antidote? – Create calm, clear fears and take things day by day ; especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

The New Moon in Virgo is a wonderful time to set intentions to heal

… and to embrace spiritual practices that increase your connection with your higher self.

Virgo is synonymous with daily routines and health practices that see you thrive.

The Push for Freedom, Heeding The Body’s Signs

The desire for liberation’s in the air (collectively & individually), so take steps to create the freedom and life you crave

No more holding back!

Money may be an issue, but Virgo’s wise and frugal approach helps you re-commit to your budget.

Talking of ‘re’ words, Mercury will station retrograde at the Full Moon on the 10th September.

As he dives into the shadow zone (from August 21st), tune into your intuition and emotions. And listen to your body’s wisdom!

Between late-August and mid-October Relationships, Communication, Health, Repairs or all! … will likely need your attention.

The New Moon in Virgo is ripe for setting goals to heal parts of the psyche that hold you back from creating the reality you want.

September could be the month to find a healer and commit to digging deep.

Rituals and Daily Routines to Thrive

Commit to daily routines and rituals that help you thrive to navigate this month well.

For this month’s Full Moon report, click here.


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