Full Moon in Pisces -Feel, Heal & Release as September Brings Tension and Renewed Hope

Full Moon in Pisces August 2022

The Full Moon in Pisces will exact on 10th September 2022 at 7.58pm AEST (Brisbane) – click here for a time conversion.

Reconfirm, Remind and Repeat

Mercury turns retrograde less than 24-hours before the Full Moon in Pisces arrives; indicating confusion and mix ups. It’s a good idea to double-check appointment times, remind those around you of their commitments and repeat back what you think you hear.

Misinterpretation could be a thing during September!

Make Time to Heal

Take the opportunity to heal when the ‘planet of the mind’ appears to move backwards, as you’ll be inward-focused.

The deep waters of Pisces allow for compassion, release, forgiveness and depth. Especially with the Moon and Neptune conjunct in the Water God’s sign.

Relationships especially may undergo a period of purging.

Let it go, cry it out and release.

Given the watery influx of energy you may feel more emotional than usual as the Full Moon in Pisces builds week beginning 5th September.

Step by Step (ooh baby …) -> What Feels Difficult?

Meanwhile the Saturn/Uranus square continues to activate the Nodal Axis shaking up entrenched patterns; pushing for expansion and change.

This is a tense aspect, so move your body, keep well hydrated and take things one step at a time to avoid overwhelm.

Meditation, Breath Work, Art Therapy and getting Enough Sleep are also encouraged.

Saturn really isn’t letting up, is he! He’s making us face responsibilities and get our houses in order.

When we obey Saturn’s demands it may at first feel tough, but in the long-run he brings us greater ease and achievement.

When we choose avoidance, on the other hand, we pay the price of things feeling harder than ever.

Where are you being asked to dig deep during September? Can you see how taking action in this area of life will take you to a brighter future?

If not, you may be experiencing fear or resistance, which can make change so much more difficult.

Try letting those go and surrendering to the path … and see where that takes you.

Hope And Renewed Inspiration

If you’re heading in the right direction, the Full Moon in Pisces can bring feelings of hope and renewed inspiration-

“In A Huge Tent A Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting With A Spectacular Performance”

Sabian Symbol: Pisces 18

Full Moons can highlight shadows, but they are also times of celebration when dreams can be bought to fruition.

What do you feel appreciative of and what’s working out for you?

Perhaps you’ve been working those healthy rituals indicated by the New Moon in Virgo.

Venus’ square to Mars challenges you to act in ways, which reflect your desires. Adopting an ‘act as if …’ attitude usually helps to speed up manifestation.

Not so easy if you have a ‘seeing is believing’ view of life.

Mercury Retrograde can be a great time to change belief systems that thwart and hold you back!

Allow your intuition to guide you during September, heed your emotions, but also take ownership of where your moods may be sabotaging your progress.

For this month’s New Moon report, click here.

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