Day: August 15, 2022

Full Moon in Pisces -Feel, Heal & Release as September Brings Tension and Renewed Hope

Septembers Full Moon exacts as Mercury turns retrograde and heads seemingly backwards through our skies.

Confusion and Misinterpretation could arise, as could relationship angst.

The Saturn/Uranus square tightens; bringing tension as you’re pushed towards growth and asked to relinquish stubborn, outdated patterns.

Take responsibility one step at a time and rise.

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New Moon in Virgo – Remember Your Magic, Tune Into Your Body, Embrace Healthy Rituals

The New Moon in Virgo asks you set intentions for healing and remember your magic; should things feel challenging during September.

As the Saturn/Uranus square tightens, stress and tension could be an issue.

Where are you being asked to up-level or make changes?

Resistance often makes things harder, so clear your fears, dig deep and set intentions to create a brighter, freer future.

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