New Moon in Leo – Do New Things & Have Fun

New Moon in Leo – Set Intentions for Fun, Open to Change and Nourish Your Inner Child

The Details

The New Moon in Leo arrives 29th July 2022 at 3.54am AEST here in Brisbane. Click here to see the date/time where you live.

Landing at 5 degrees and 38 minutes (of Leo) the New Moon brings a fresh perspective into the house (area of life) it falls in your birth chart. Click here for more on what that means.

Change is in the Air

The Sabian Symbol for that degree is:

An Old Fashioned Conservative Woman Is Confronted By An Up-To-Date Girl

Sabian Symbol Leo 6

This degree speaks of innovation, change and stepping up. That the ‘old fashioned’ woman is ‘confronted’ indicates this may not feel comfortable, but one things for sure – and especially right now! – with Uranus and Mars sitting on the North Node in Taurus – it’s inevitable!

It’s time to shake things up, release stubborn attitudes and behaviours and choose evolution.

Most of the pain we cause ourselves comes through resistance and fear, but, unfortunately, the more we resist the more we tend to stagnate or create less than ideal realities for ourselves.

Is it time to embrace healthy change, say what is and isn’t okay for you and thrive?

What’s one intention you can set this month that enables you to do more of what you love; whilst also becoming more of who you are?

Expect Surprises

Speaking of that Mars/Uranus/North Node in Taurus situation – expect surprises!

This is volatile energy.

Take extra care when driving in the lead up to the New Moon and slow down – big Taurus lesson!

You don’t need to do 50 things – all at once – unless you want to break something.

I’m not saying that to frighten you, but it will be important to stay grounded and present as we round out July.

Of course, not all surprises are nasty ones. Uranus can literally bring anything – including excitement, awakening, a-ha moments and a new love interest.

And it can also shake you from those stubborn, entrenched routines and have you saying a big, fat YES to life!

Let me know how it was for you in the comments below. I’d love to hear.

The alignment is happening at 19 degrees of Taurus, so it’ll be especially strong if you have planets or points at 19 degrees (or very close to) of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Time with the Inner Guru

On top of that, Jupiter is stationing-retrograde as the New Moon exacts, which can slow progress with personal growth or a project.

Jupiter is in Aries, so this energy could bring frustration and, as Jupiter conjuncts Chiron & the Moon, lessons around anger, self assertion, motivation and what you feel you’re here to do may be important.

Deep breaths! Remember progress not perfection and just, cos something isn’t happening right now, doesn’t mean it never will!

The next few months are great for contemplation, meditation and to review your personal codes and ethics.

The question “Am I being true to who I am?” is a great one to consider.

Jupiter Retrograde is great for inner work that deepens your spiritual process.

The New Moon in Leo – Intentions to Consider

Now onto the New Moon in Leo energy itself. What does that mean?

Leo is the sign of the heart, of your true inner essence. It relates to confidence, your ability to be seen, your inner child and your light.

No New Moon is ever the same and it’s important to take into account all the other energy in play at the time.

Therefore, this New Moon is in Leo, you may feel the need to set intentions around:

  • Building Confidence
  • Leadership – your own or who you’re following
  • Healing “imposter syndrome” or self sabotage around getting ahead
  • Reactions vs Response
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and becoming more of who you feel you’re here to be
  • Healing anything you’re carrying from the father-line / lineage or around males in general
  • Feeling okay with change
  • Honing and listening to your inner guidance – becoming your own authority
  • Understanding your value within your team/family
  • Creating more Fun and Enjoyment in your daily life
  • Your unique self expression – How you’d like to be seen and feel heard
  • Nurturing your inner child
  • Breaking free of self-imposed limitations

The Full Moon will fall in Aquarius this month. Click here to read about that 🙂

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