Full Moon in Aquarius – Be Quirky, Be You, Embrace Change!

Full Moon in Aquarius – Embrace Change, Be You, Be Quirky!

The Details

The Full Moon in Aquarius will exact on 12th August at 11:35am AEST here in Brisbane. Click here to see the date/time where you live.

Illuminating 19 degrees and 21 seconds across the Aquarius/Leo Axis, asking you to honour your light; perhaps by finding those you’re aligned with or finding rituals and modalities that bring a sense of the sacred into your World.

The Mars/Uranus/North Node alignment squares the Full Moon making August a time to embrace change, awakening and freedom.

What makes you feel alive? – Do more of that!

Honour & Appreciation

The Sabian Symbol for that degree is:

American Indians Perform A Ritual To The Sun

Sabian Symbol: Leo 20

This degree connects beautifully with the Earth and the journey we undertake here.

What brings a sense of sacred to your life?

Are you living in appreciation of the air you’re breathing, the food that nourishes you, the water that quenches you and the Sun, which enlivens you?

Or have you become distant from your spiritual connection, your sense of oneness, your association with the Earth and the meaning of what life means to you?

You can either live with appreciation and enthusiasm; opening to the joy of who you’re here to be this lifetime or you can choose to complain and wallow in the down moments.

What feels best?

This doesn’t mean pretending everything is always sunny and light, but instead embracing life in all it’s tones – the awesome, the good, the less good, the downright awful.

It’s about learning, embracing and growing, taking ownership and choosing to lead your own reality.

If you find the down moments are out-numbering the good it may be time to seek help. Whether that’s counselling, psychotherapy, self development or something else, investing in yourself is worth every penny.

My E-Book – Sunshine on a Rainy Day – has plenty of tips for looking after your emotional health. It’s a great place to start.

Awakening / Nourishment of your Nervous System

Although waning, the Mars/Uranus/North Node stellium will remain present throughout early August; squaring this Full Moon; shaking you out of ruts and asking you to bravely embrace the new.

Surprise events or feelings may occur as the month progresses, so leave room for flexibility and invest in some deep breathing.

Aquarius energy can bring erratic emotions and sudden outbursts. That’s tripled when Mars and Uranus get together!

If you’ve been burying your anger it’s likely to burst out this month – especially if you have planets or points around the middle of the fixed* signs (17 to 19 degrees especially).

The Full Moon in Aquarius will also sit beside Saturn and reactivate the waning Uranus/Saturn square.

It will be important to nurture your nervous system, remain grounded and present – and expect the unexpected!

You may feel stretched this month. Stretching can be good if it’s the type that brings growth! But watch for stress and the feeling that things are hard.

An objective look may help here as may dropping blame and taking ownership.

Rebellion may be in the air and an urge to break free could be strong for some; whilst others will be opening to new awareness of their bodies and their connection with all that is.

Mother Earth is also affected by energy and the build up to this Full Moon could bring surprising weather or natural events, an increase in environmental awareness (perhaps new innovative ways to live more sustainably), protests, shocking news stories or a blend of all the above.

Shadow Energy to be Conscious of at the Full Moon in Aquarius

If unhealed, the Full Moon in Aquarius is likely to bring the following shadows to light:

  • Lack of Self Acceptance
  • Feeling shut out from the crowd/rejected
  • Loneliness
  • Stubborn Attitudes that need to be released
  • Control Issues
  • Anger / Reactivity / Lack of Self Control
  • Being Contrary just for the hell of it

Great things to do during the build up to the Full Moon in Aquarius and for a couple of days afterwards:

  • Commit to finding and hanging with those of like-mind (your tribe)
  • Enjoy a Full Moon Ceremony
  • Move your body to alleviate built up tension
  • Give appreciation to those who support you
  • Trust in Timing – many delays happen for good reason
  • Know you can’t control everything – work on what you can
  • Strengthen your commitment to being you; even if you feel odd or different
  • Be Brave / Do something courageous!

To recap on the energy of this month’s New Moon, click here.

For natural, self care products to nurture your body and soul, click here.

*The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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