New Moon in Cancer – Prioritise Self Care

New Moon in Cancer – June 2022

New Moon in Cancer – Time to Set Intentions

The New Moon in Cancer will exact on 29th June at 12:50pm here in Brisbane – AEST (click for a time conversion to your location) at 7 degrees and 22 seconds of Cancer.

I got really excited when I read the New Moon chart, as Neptune stations-retrograde the day before with the following message.

I love synchronicity! 🙂

“A New Moon Reveals That It’s Time For People To Go Ahead With Their Different Projects”

Sabian Symbol: Pisces 26

For more on what the above Sabian Symbol of Neptune might mean, keep reading …

Cancer Moon energy asks you to seek nurture and tenderness during July.

Your intuition will likely be on fire and managing your emotional well-being will be important.

Be sure to think of an intention or two that resonates with those themes and ensure you end July with a full cup.

Embracing Vulnerability & Letting Things Go

You can expect to feel more emotional and tired as we round out the last Lunar Phase – especially from week beginning 20th June; owing to Neptune’s strength.

In addition, the New Moon is falling in Cancer and you may feel quite vulnerable; even needy, as her energy arrives.

If you have planets or points between 24 and 26 degrees you may even feel a bit lost, unmotivated, wiped out or unwell as we farewell June. That’s because Neptune will be most active on these degrees as he slows to change direction.

Neptune energy relates to surrender and his presence will often melt something away as he transits your chart; calling you to relinquish control and allow more softness.

Although sometimes confusing, this can be an incredibly compassionate and uplifting time; making the new moon in Cancer a great time to set intentions for increased acceptance of self, others and your position in life.

It’s also a great month for:

  • Slowing Down,
  • Spiritual Pursuits,
  • A Renewed Meditation Practice,
  • Working on Relationships, Forgiveness, Releasing Resentments

… or all of the above.

Neptune sometimes shows where you’ve been deceiving yourself – perhaps through projection (where we see our own energy reflected in another), the need to let something go

… or you may find yourself going in a different direction from a business or personal partnership where reconciliation has not been possible and the parties now seek different directions.

Allow time to grieve if the latter applies to you, but also to dream of where the new direction can take you.

Above all, be patient and kind with yourself and your circumstances.

Perception, Acceptance & Flexibility

Be open to a new way of perceiving the World as we head into the second half of the year; remembering to appreciate what you already have and where you are.

The energy (of the chart) feels good for continued forward momentum, but a few surprises may also come your way, as Uranus tightens his connection with the North Node in Taurus.

So remain flexible!

The Symbol for the New Moon placement in Cancer is:

“A Group of Rabbits Dressed In Clothes And On Dignified Parade”

Sabian Symbol: Cancer 8

This symbol can relate to finance and status.

Things to think about:

  • Are you hiding your true self or feelings from others?
  • Do you need to imagine and feel yourself into a new way of being?

July will be a wonderful time for any modality that increases your acceptance of what is – a reality check if you like – but one of benefit, which enables you to see more clearly. Re-establishing who you are, where you’re at and where you need to head.

It’s also a great month for loosening hard edges and allowing a little tenderness.

Perhaps it’s time to open up to someone close and have a heart to heart about what’s been on your mind?

Other Connections

The Venus/Jupiter sextile brings warmth to the month ahead. Support will likely be there, but you may have to ask for it first.

Whilst the Mars/Pluto square will bring intensity and increased drive Reactivity and volcanic tempers may be an issue with this one!

The Mercury/Saturn Trine increases focus whilst the Saturn/New Moon sesquisquare asks that responsibility be taken for triggers, fears and rigidity.

The Last Word

This New Moon in Cancer energy asks that you seek comfort and emotional support.

How can you choose to mother yourself during July and nurture those around you?

Embrace comforting food, soft cuddly clothes and hugs.

With the Full Moon falling in Capricorn, the pull between the following will feature:

  • Work and Family commitments
  • Self-care and Responsibilities

Pluto will be a strong presence in the Full Moon energy, so expect some intensity, be open to what needs transformation and accept that you’re only one person.

For the Full Moon report, click here.

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3 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer – Prioritise Self Care

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I literally was reflecting after a busy week/end an eye opening moment, as to what the forecast is. Was calling ik nuturing, slowing down to listen, and feel deeply in my soul the importance of spending time with loved ones (time moves so fast) letting go of past hurts, gaining strength and clarity for the next phase. So grateful – love your page, messages, information and education – Thank you 🙏🏾 Amanda xx

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Amanda. I appreciate your comment, as I love to hear my posts have been helpful Lots of wisdom in your words 🙂

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