How Colloidal Silver Fights Viral Infections

Off to school, the kids go. And the worry sets in. Claire worries about the snuffly noses, sore throats, and those chesty coughs. And then the worry about it sweeps through the household, only for the symptoms to start all over again. And this year, Claire can’t afford the time off work. So, she’s looking for a way to help her family prevent infections.

We’ve all felt that haven’t we? And it’s never a fun season with so many infections about.

Let’s share how Colloidal Silver fights viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Antibacterial Uses

Colloidal Silver is an age-old remedy for preventing the spread of disease. And dates back to the Han Dynasty in China approx. 1500 B.C.E.! In fact, it was used well before the discovery of antibiotics.  And now the overuse of antibiotics is causing resistant superbugs. While remedies such as Colloidal Silver are now making a comeback.

Don Tolman’s Colloidal Silver – Great as a gargle for sore throats!

Did you know there are at least 20 patented medical-grade products containing Silver?

There are over 20 patented medical-grade products using Silver for its antimicrobial properties. [ref-PubMed]. And many over-the-counter wound care products have Silver as an active ingredient too. Have a look at ranges of band-aids, dressings, wound sprays, etc.

Don Tolman’s Internal House Cleaning Throat Spray fights bacterial infections. It’s easy to use for everyone, with just a few squirts to the back of the throat. Use Internal Cleaning Throat Spray up to 10 times a day during acute infection. Internal Cleaning Throat Spray soothes symptoms of:

  • Cold,  Flu and respiratory infections
  • nasal congestion and
  • sinus pain.

Don’s Nature’s Silver Bullet fights infections in the throat and respiratory system. And is best used as a gargle, by adding ½ a dropper full to the back of the throat, gargle, and swallow.

If a stomach bug has affected you, Nature’s Silver Bullet can aid in the relief of symptoms. It has strong antimicrobial properties. Take ½ dropper 2-3 times a day until you’re feeling well again.

Treat sore eyes or ears by applying a few drops to a cotton wool ball and swabbing the area clean several times a day.

Fungal Infections

Many personal care products contain Silver as a sanitiser and antimicrobial agent. Some common products include:

Don Tolman’s Nature’s Silver Bullet is effective for fungal infections. And can be used for internal and external applications. Apply a few drops to clean fingers, dab onto the affected area and leave to air dry. Repeat several times a day until the infection clears.

Don Tolman’s Skin Love Potion is a potent antifungal ointment. It contains key antifungal ingredients:

  • Colloidal Silver,
  • Tea Tree Oil,
  • Oregano Oil and
  • Colloidal Fulvic Acid.

Apply to fungal skin infections or flaky skin afflictions for example those sore skin breakouts that can occur behind the ears.

For fungal toenail infections Skin’s Love Potion can be applied directly to the toenail. It is best applied using an earbud. Cover with a bandage or cotton sock and leave overnight. Apply nightly until the infection clears.

I had to share the following, even though they’re not specifically immune-related, but I know you’ll find this information valuable. Some other non-immune related uses for Don’s Skin’s Love Potion include:

  1. Cold sores
  2. Dry or cracked corners of the lips
  3. Minor cuts and abrasions
  4. Mosquito bites

But remember Skin Love Potion is not recommended for use in the ears, around the eyes, or genital area due to the essential oils.

Viral Infections

Today viruses are ever-present and evolving. This makes it tough for modern medicine to treat. So, using traditional support for the immune system can have a positive impact.

And this is where Don’s Internal House Cleaning Throat Spray comes in handy. Using it regularly at the first signs of an illness can speed up recovery. Or if you don’t have that handy, reach for Don’s Nature’s Silver Bullet.  

Both products combine Colloidal Silver with key immune-supporting ingredients. And the combinations combat viral load and boost immunity. But each has a slightly different application. This is because Don’s Nature’s Silver Bullet doesn’t contain essential oils, thus giving a broader range of application, even on sensitive skin areas.

Use Don’s Nature’s Silver Bullet as a preventative. And boost your immunity through the cooler months or as needed. Half a dropper is all you need, placed to the back of the throat. Gargle for 5 – 10 seconds and swallow. Whenever there’s a viral infection, increase the dose to 5- 10 times a day to enhance immune support.

Immune-Boosting Wholefoods

Our diet plays the most important role. What we eat directly impacts immunity. So, having a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables is essential.

Fruit: As kids, we were told to eat oranges for their Vitamin C. It’s true, but Kiwi fruit is even higher! Berries are a great source of immune-boosting vitamins too.

Leafy greens: The darker the better. These are rich in Vitamin A, Iron, and Calcium. Thus, helping to support healthy immune responses.

Herbs & Spices: Turmeric is a potent antioxidant. Add it to your Smoothies, Eggs, Salad Dressings, Hummus, Hot Chocolate (great with Ginger!), Roast Veggies, and more to up your daily intake.  Coriander and Garlic protect against viruses and bacteria. Coriander is rich in vitamin C and A.


Supporting your family’s immunity is important. As the cooler weather approaches use preventative measures. Stocking up on supplies now ensures you’re prepared for the first signs of illness. And incorporate vitamin-rich fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet for all-around immune-boosting benefits.

Here are the links to the 3 key immune-supportive products from Don Tolman’s range:

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