FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS – Optimism and Motivation can Bring Results

Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 2022

The Full Moon in Sagittarius Brings Optimism and Motivation

The Full Moon in Sagittarius exacts on 14th June at 09:51pm here in Brisbane (AEST) *click for a time-conversion to your zone.

Firstly, it’s a Super Moon, so expect to feel this one strongly (more so than a usual Full Moon).

And additionally, Jupiter (The Moon’s ruler) falls in Aries (big energy!).

This indicates optimism, motivation (and a dose of self discipline) will lead to successful outcomes; as echoed by the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s position –

A Bluebird, A Sign of Good Luck And Happiness, Is Standing At The Door Of The House

Sabian Symbol: Sagittarius 24

Spiritual Fulfillment & The Great Outdoors, but watch for Overwhelm

Sagittarius represents freedom. It loves wide open spaces and the great outdoors.

If you feel hemmed in during June, it may help to head out in nature, down tools and do something playful and uplifting.

This fiery, expansive energy could also find you taking on way too much; whilst the Venus/Uranus/North Node alignment advises practical, patient and well-thought-out steps.

This could be key in mitigating overwhelm, as Neptune squares the Sun and Moon; a connection that can also bring confusion, fuzziness, disappointment and a tendency to negative escapism.

Additionally, Neptune increases psychic receptivity and with the Black Moon squaring Jupiter, you’re encouraged to heed your intuition and up energetic protection.

That’s because you may feel particularly attuned to others’ emotions mid-June.

On the positive side, Neptune’s presence bodes well for Spiritual activities; such as meditation and Yoga and the feeling you’re in the right place at the right time.

Turn to the 3 S’s – Self-Responsibility, Self-Discipline and Self-Love

Whilst bravery and heeding the call to adventure will likely bring inspiration, there’s a need to acknowledge frustration and anger, which could show itself as the Moon builds to full -> from June 7th.

If you experience this expression of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, it may point to a wounding of the masculine energy and – possibly – self-doubt.

Negatively, this could emerge as:

  • Defensiveness,
  • Hostility,
  • Exaggerated Reactivity Leading to Drama
  • Fear of Anger, Destructiveness or Confrontation
  • A Tendency to Passive Aggression / Sulking
  • Feelings of Dis-empowerment
  • An Inability to Progress or Achieve / Feeling Thwarted
  • Violence
  • Frustration in one’s Ability to Assert Oneself
  • A perceived Lack of Freedom

How you respond to your feelings is everything! Self-Discipline may be needed to counter reactivity; such as:

  • Walking away and counting to ten
  • Moving your body to move the feeling through you

Taking responsibility to heal can yield much growth, so be brave and ask for help if needed.

Consequently, healing may reduce the occurrence of negative effects during a later Full Moon.

If you feel anger brewing (and have no idea how to deal with it), you might like to read this fantastic resource.

Take it one step at a time; especially if things feel hard and take time out for self care and self love.

Vision Board Idea

Lastly, Sagittarius energy loves adventure, spontaneity and fun. If restrictions have meant a reduction in travel, you could find inspiration through a vision board.

Fill it with all the travel destinations and trips you’re planning to take and allow it to motivate you to follow your dreams.

This idea will also work well for re-establishing your goals and dreams.

Want to recap on the New Moon energy? Click here.

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