4 Ways To Not Let Winter Get The Best Of Your Immune System

Supporting the immune system naturally

One cold winter morning Chrissy awoke: her throat on fire. It felt like razor blades were cutting her with every inhalation. Her head felt as heavy as rocks and her nose was a leaking tap. Or so she felt.

She gingerly reached for her phone. Scared the movement would send more shooting pains through her body. But she had to message her boss. Oh, and what about the kids… Who was going to get them out the door and to school?

You’ve felt like this before? I know I have. But I’ve learnt over the past 20 years that support exists.

And today I’ll share 4 products I always have on hand. It’s saved my family and I many times from getting deathly ill. And they’ve all helped us recover from respiratory infections fast.

4 All Natural Immune Supporting Products For Your Family

These days when you get sick you think the worst. And it’s confusing to know what to take to help you through. You’re told that rest and fluids are all you need, but seriously, who wants to lie there feeling miserable?

Cold and Flu Nurture Pack Don Tolman
Cold and Flu Nurture Pack

I’m going to share with you four powerful products I use, which not only help my body work through it, but help me feel nurtured at the same time.

Don Tolman’s Congest Ease Balm

The first way to release that nasal and chest congestion is with a good chest rub. And here, I recommend Don Tolman’s Congest Ease; great for the whole family.

Don Tolman Congest Ease for Colds

This soothing all-natural balm with its blend of pure essential oils helps ease breathing and supports the immune system.

A jar filled with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Menthol and more. And this potent combination helps support bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Plus, it contains Camphor, an age-old remedy to help reduce inflammation. Rub some of Don’s Congest Ease onto your chest, top of your back, and the soles of your feet.

Phi Mint Essential Oil

Number 2 in my toolbox is great for the whole family – Mint essential oil.

Now, I do love Phi Mint Essential Oil because it’s 100% pure and organic. Mint is a great pick-me-up oil for when sickness zaps your energy. A couple of drops in an oil burner, or even better, a couple of drops on a cotton handkerchief. Fold the handkerchief (or tissue) into a small square. Tuck or pin the tissue near the neckline of your shirt or place it into your pillow slip, and inhale through the day. One last way to use this powerful oil is a couple of drops in hot water and use it as a steam inhalation. Breathe it in and feel it soothe your head, releasing congestion.

Don Tolman’s Eye of Horus

You’re going to love the third product! Say goodbye to itchy, scratchy eyes with a couple of drops of Don Tolman’s Eye of Horus; safe to use frequently. See it ease puffiness and redness. Who doesn’t love clear, sparkling eyes? I know I do!

Support for a Healthy Immune System

Don Tolman’s Breathe EZ Nasal Spray

And I saved the best for last! No household is complete without a bottle of Don Tolman’s Breathe EZ nasal spray.

A couple of gentle squirts in each nostril followed by a deep breath will add to the release and relief of your symptoms.

Plus, it’s 100% free of nasty chemicals and doesn’t contain any ingredients that thin the lining of your nasal passages (Yes, there are products out there that can do that!). Pure essential oils including Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint in saline water. That’s it, no nasties.

Congestion be gone! Hello easy breathing with Don’s Breathe EZ!

So, there you have it, your winter immune system support kit! We have the chest covered with the silky, soothing Congest Ease balm. We’ve got eye relief covered with Eye of Horus. And your head can think clearly again with deep inhalations of Phi Mint Oil. Plus, breathe in that fresh air, clear blockages and feel clearer with Breathe EZ nasal spray.

Buy the lot and save. Or stock up on any you’ve run out of. The choice is yours. Pop it into your cart now and be ready to ward off those infections this winter.

Find your immune system support products here:

Cold and Flu Nurture Pack

Breathe EZ nasal spray

Congest Ease balm

Phi Mint essential oil

Eye of Horus saline eye drops

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