Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Sometimes You’ve Got To Go Deep To Rise

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls in Scorpio; arriving on 16th May 2022 at 02:13pm here in Brisbane (AEST) – click for a time conversion.

Early May will likely be emotional, as Mars, Jupiter and Neptune join together in Water Sign Pisces and prepare to trine the Scorpio Full Moon (also a water sign).

Although Jupiter will head into Aries on 11th May and assist Venus in bringing some more fire into the mix, we all know what happens when fire and water get together!

The combination of Mercury turning retrograde (10th May) and Venus’ conjunction with Chiron (15th May) – along with all of the above – ensures a revisit to the past

A period of reflection, reverie (and possibly reminiscing) is also very likely.

Such energy will be felt intensely, as this is no ordinary Full Moon, but a Total Lunar Eclipse and, as a result, you may find yourself face-to-face with a cacophony of feelings you’d rather avoid, volatility

… and, at times, may wonder why on Earth you’re suddenly feeling (or experiencing) what you are!

Just in case the intensity isn’t enough, Pluto is also connected. Currently travelling the last degrees of Capricorn and particularly potent at this time.

The result is subconscious (or past) wounding / self sabotage / hurt / grief / pain … bought to the surface

… or practically dredged – thanks to this being Scorpio’s time to light up the sky. She’s a deep one!

Up The Self Care / Treat Yourself Gently / Remain Flexible

If you’re prone to depression or low moods, you may have to be extra vigilant with your self-care during May; including disentangling from collective energy (important if you’re also empathic!).

The week beginning 9th May is likely to be especially tricky and some of this may be related to money, relationships, anger or all.

Communication will also be a thing – thanks to Mercury’s change of direction, so you may find it hard to connect with loved ones until you’ve cleared the air or worked through a few things.

Increased rainfall is also likely with the heavy Piscean influence (ever noticed how the weather tends to mirror your feelings?) as are delays, mix ups, illness and overwhelm.

It’s important to understand that this time shall soon pass. So if you feel like you’re wading in treacle, hang on in there and slow down.

Take each day at a time and do the inner work necessary.

That’s the gift in such energy, because once you acknowledge, feel and clear-through what’s arising you’ll make room for something new and shiny to enter your life.

I promise!

The more inner work you can do during May, the more you can detox, declutter and let go,

… the more clearer you’ll feel moving through the rest of 2022.

Scorpio energy can bring up the darkest of energy; including rage and self sabotage

… and this Lunar Month might just bring a tinge of drama into your life, but how you choose to interact with it (or respond) is always a choice.

Change, Insight, Elimination, Integration of the New

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:

American Indians Making Camp In New Territory

Sabian Symbol: Scorpio 26

Whereas Taurus energy likes to stay put, Scorpio is a sign associated with elimination; as in clearing out the old (Scorpio) to make way for the new manifestation (Taurus).

This symbol indicates moving on from something, someone or somewhere to new pastures. It relates to change and the need to allow time for integration of the new.

That could be an actual move, but it could also play out emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Pay attention to your intuition and insight; particularly in the houses (areas of life) being highlighted within your chart (see: ‘how is the full moon solar eclipse affecting you personally” below for help with that).

Take the time to feel; even if it’s uncomfortable.

Be Aware Of Resurfacing Patterns / Commit To Letting Them Go

This is a South Node, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and with Pluto (it’s ruler) now retrograde the time has never been better for inner inquiry and the letting go of unhelpful patterns.

Scorpio energy can bring drama, so if you’re experiencing this – and would rather not! It may be time to reach out to a personal transformation coach, who can help you.

That said, there are times when we all undergo challenges and the only way out is through.

Saturn squares the Full Moon energy; indicating that commitment, restriction and discipline may be needed. Sometimes Saturn relates to loss … and almost always things around Saturn can feel hard going and restrictive.

But, he does bring rewards for those willing to do the work and those rewards bring a great deal of fulfillment and maturity.

Be Brave / Embrace Change / Allow The Deepening of Intimacy and Love / Rise

Jupiter’s recent move to Aries indicates growth through initiative and, interestingly, Aries is the sign of the pioneer, which relates well to this Sabian Symbol.

Where are you needing to be brave?

The Mars/Neptune conjunction reminds you to tune into your intuition before taking action – how does it feel? Good or off?

… and reminds that meditation is a thing!

Uranus and the North Node are tightening their connection, so it’s likely you’re feeling the need for change and excitement.

As said before, the Venus/Chiron conjunction will exact just before the Full Moon; making week beginning 9th May (or earlier) ripe for relationship triggers, a-ha moments and a need to bolster self worth and self acceptance.

The month of May ‘done right’ will see a rise in empowerment, love, intimacy and connection.

How Will The Full Moon Solar Eclipse Affect You Personally?

Note any planets or points located between 24 and 26 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and the houses where 25 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio fall. That’s the life areas.

Eclipse energy brings change

… and Eclipse seasons tend to highlight two houses of the chart for the whole season (usually 4 weeks, sometimes 6).

This one is illuminating the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your chart, so if you have Taurus in the 4th house and Scorpio in the 10th, expect change to your home life that will affect your working life (or vice versa).

1st house and 7th house affected? – how you deal with change, your personal needs and your relationships is up for enlightenment …

This page gives the areas of life associated with the houses of your chart, so go grab it and look up those meanings 🙂

Full Moons always bring illumination of that which we need to become consciously aware of and Eclipse energy magnifies it.

Self Awareness is a super power, so enjoy those a-ha moments – even if they bring discomfort – feel into the energy and be open to what it can teach you.

Then (if necessary) clear and heal it accordingly.

If you’re unsure how to do that, Reach Potential is a powerhouse of visualisations, tips and tricks to rewire your brain and create new neural pathways to a brighter future.

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