Mercury Retrograde May 2022 – Gemini and Taurus

Mercury Retrograde through Gemini and Taurus prompts a re-think of communication, time management and values.
Mercury Retrograde through Gemini and Taurus prompts a re-think of communication, time management and values.

Mercury Retrograde – Signs and Degrees

Mercury retrograde through Gemini and Taurus will occur from May 10th 2022 to June 3rd 2022.

As Mercury rules Gemini, this retrograde could be stronger than usual, so back up all things communication during the first week in May to mitigate any trouble!

Gemini is an Air sign, so communication, community plans/events, networks, the way you relate and transport will likely be affected between May 10th and May 23rd.

After that, Mercury will backtrack into Taurus; an Earth sign. Between May 23rd and May 28th the focus will shift to your values, desires, working conditions, the well-being of your body and physical belongings.

Although you may also experience a blurring or merging of these themes throughout the whole retrograde.

Check and double-check:

  • Facts,
  • Information,
  • Appointment times
  • Plans

… and only sign documents:

  • If it’s completely necessary (if not, wait until after June 3rd)
  • You know exactly what you’re getting into.
  • They’re flexible – and you don’t mind changes

Vehicle purchases, Travel bookings, New Laptops, Phone Upgrades and Community Events are also best organised after June 3rd; when Mercury will once again turn direct and behave himself!

Until then, his trickster energy will be on full form, as he does his best to reveal what’s needing your attention.

If you really have to book something during Mercury retrograde, it’s important not to fret. It just means the energy of the retrograde will be locked into that function, so add a caveat that allows for flexibility.

Retrograde energy is synonymous with ‘RE’ words, so it’s likely you’ll need to:

  • Repair (i.e. motor vehicles, machinery),
  • Rework (Mercury Retrograde is adept at uncovering mistakes)
  • Rethink
  • Retreat
  • Rest more
  • or Rewrite.

Turn Within, Take Responsibility and Rise

Usually, as Mercury stations retrograde, we tend to withdraw a little and our desire to communicate can lessen, so don’t worry if you feel quiet.

This is the perfect time for reflection and inner work.

And May will be a wonderful time to re-establish what you want from life (your desires and goals), so you can start June fresh in that re-found knowledge.

The best way to deal with retrograde energy is to take responsibility (another RE word!) for what happens to you during this time.

  • Communication Difficulties? – Change the way you ask … or seek out a therapist if the difficulties are deeper
  • Showing up Late? – Improve your Time Management
  • Not happy with your financial situation? – Devise a plan to change it, Rework your Budget or enlist the help of a professional
  • Car playing up? – Ensure you have a great mechanic, who can get you safely back on the road. Quality workmanship will mitigate it happening at the next Mercury Retrograde too!
  • Physical Discomfort – Be honest with yourself about how you’re contributing to it (if you are) and make needed changes. Is it related to something emotional, spiritual or mental? Often the body is the vehicle for the message!

How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect You Personally?

Look to the house ruled by Gemini in your chart and between now and June 3rd, reassess what your desires and needs are in that area of life, so you can better ask for what you want!

This retrograde will also backtrack into the latter degrees of Taurus (to 26 degrees) so include that too.

The full retrograde path will run from 4 degrees Gemini back to 26 degrees Taurus, so look up the house(s) and note any planets triggered along the way.

For example, if Mercury backtracks through your 5th house, you may need to rework the way you speak with your children

… and if Pluto is also situated there (and you handle this transit well), deeper understanding of one another could arise. The changes introduced now could also have lasting positive benefits related to your communication and the deepening of your relationship.

Want to understand your chart a little better? – click here.

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