Full Moon In Libra

The Full Moon in Libra arrives at 4.54am here in Brisbane (AEST) on Libra: 27

An Airplane Sails High In The Bright Clear Sky

Sabian Symbol: Libra 27

Objectivity Brings Clarity / Emotional Honesty & Purging

This symbol asks you to step back and observe, as objectivity will bring clarity this week and enable you to respond appropriately.

This is important, as the T Square with Pluto brings intensity and possible power struggles to relationships

Although this can feel uncomfortable, it’s actually of benefit, because Pluto is bringing to light control issues, imbalance and dysfunctional behaviour patterns.

In other words, full moons bring conscious awareness and conscious awareness brings understanding of what needs to change.

With the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction still tight – and Mars and Venus now in Pisces – watch your boundaries. It’s easy to pick up on others’ energy now and it may be tricky to get to the bottom of what’s occurring if your energy is all mixed up.

For this reason, emotional honesty will be important this week – especially with yourself.

It’s a great week for purging; whether that be through a detox (physical, mental, emotional …), a declutter or a deep clean.

Ultimately Pluto represents empowerment, so deal with what arises responsibly and you’ll reap the benefits.

Equally important – be gentle with yourself. This is not the time for self-punishment, but the time for self-love and acceptance.

Pluto will turn retrograde on 30th April making his energy particularly strong right now, as he slows down.

That coupled with an approaching Eclipse Season is heightening emotions, increasing resistance in the body and bringing to a head crisis situations and pressure.

New Directions, Insight & Nervousness

The growing Mercury/Uranus conjunction brings mental stimulation, new directions and insight;

… but it can also increase nervousness and a tendency to rushing (or feeling that things are moving too fast for your mind to keep up).

Nourish your nervous system by increasing your intake of almonds (incl. almond milk), blueberries, hemp seeds and lettuce.

And take advantage of the long Easter weekend to have some fun, take a break and get out in nature.

Taking a step back can refresh the mind and bring relief from overwhelm, renewed inspiration and excitement.

Once refreshed, you may want to re-connect with your goals by writing them down.

See my post here on the New Moon energy for an exercise that may help with that.

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