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Dream Big, But Be Practical Too

The New Moon in Aries arrives on April 1st at 04:24 PM here in Brisbane (AEST); ushering in a new month and a new lunar cycle.

The tightening of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction reminds you to dream big.

Whilst the Mars/Saturn/Venus stellium warns of the need for commitment, discipline and well-thought out strategies in pursuit of those goals.

Saturn on Aquarius 23

“A Big Trained Bear Sitting Down And Waving All It’s Paws”

Sabian Symbol: Aquarius 23

can hint at feeling stuck and a need for focus

… or positively it can be a reminder to make time for fun as you commit to walking the path of change.

Time to meld the Magical with the Practical!

Watch Your Energy / Choose to Heal

The need to look after your energy is greater than ever, so remember the importance of feeling your way into your future; especially when Venus and Mars ingress to Pisces this month.

That’s because strong Pisces energy can have you picking up on collective energy; a collective energy that’s been a hot soup of disappointment, disillusion, fear, separation and negativity.

Remember you get to choose how you respond to that and how you feel each and every day.

Neptune is on Pisces 24:

“The Tiny Island Seems Lost In The Broad Ocean, But Its Happy Inhabitants Have Created A World All Of Their Own”

Sabian Symbol Pisces 24

Who and what you choose to surround yourself with also plays a part in how good you feel about life.

Healthy boundaries are important and you may feel it’s time to say goodbye this month; releasing aspects of life that hold you back or no longer allow the growth you’re craving.

Try drawing an Island (a circle will do) on a piece of blank paper and filling it in with all the things you want to create for yourself. What (and who) will share your happy island?

Prayers and meditation may be more effective than usual this month and we could possibly see some miracles, as all the healing energy that’s being sent to the Earth at this time, starts to show itself through greater expressions and experiences of love and support.

Relief, Delays, Sensitivity and Doubts

It’s likely that there’ll be a lessening of pressure and a sense that something expected will be diffused, as Chiron (strong in the New Moon chart) sits on:

“A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Now Safely Hidden From Discovery”

Sabian Symbol Aries: 13

Chiron is also heightening your sensitivity and intuition and may bring realisations; potentially shedding light on doubts related to your motivation and ability to manifest the life you want.

Inner work is often the antidote when life is experienced as a struggle. I highly recommend Reach Potential if you don’t know where to start on that.

There’s lots of healing potential for those making the choice to dig deep and stay committed.

The growing Mars/Saturn conjunction can bring delays and things may not move as quickly as you thought they would during April.

It’s good to let go of expectation and to see the benefit in those delays if you can. Putting your hand on your heart and saying the words

“Life is always working our for me. I am always where I need to be at the right time”

can help you to recentre and bring perspective.

Tune Ups and Expenses

With Venus on:

A Garage Man Testing A Car’s Battery With A Hydrometer”

Sabian Symbol: Aquarius 26

Money may need to be spent on repairs or replacements this month. Viewing such maintenance as an adventure and an upgrade rather than an inconvenience can take you away from lack.

Whether that applies to your car, body, home or something else.

Ask For Help / The Lord Helps Those Who …

You are surrounded by your very own team of spiritual helpers, who are willing and able to help you move towards the future you desire. Ask for their guidance and manage your energy accordingly.

I’m not particularly religious, but I do love a good biblical story or bible quote.

“The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

is a good one for this lunar month; especially as a flood of Pisces energy can bring on negative escapism and victim mentality.

If you find yourself going down that path, it can help to think of all the things you’re grateful for. Either writing them out or speaking them aloud and feeling into how wonderful those aspects of your life are.

This can bring a wonderful energy-boost.

Is it time to take a step forward and stop holding out for someone to rescue you?

This Aries-infused New Moon instills bravery, so it’s a good month to do so.

And often when we make the choice to change; usually to either start or stop doing something, all the right people and circumstances pop up on our path.

The First New Moon Of A Brand New Year

This is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year; making it important to get clear on your intentions.

What do you desire from this point forward?

How will you move towards it?

What will you leave behind?


  • Clarity over Confusion
  • Optimism over Negativity
  • Poise over Overwhelm
  • Trust over Doubt
  • Faith over Skepticism

And consider re-thinking and re-establishing your goals.

Look after your spiritual needs and use that beautiful imagination of yours to create the future you want.

Much Love,


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