Fatherhood – An Invitation To Heal & Walk The Journey Back To Love

Fatherhood – An Invitation To Heal & Walk The Journey Back to Love

Fatherhood – An Invitation To Heal & Walk The Journey Back To Love

This is a poem I wrote about the father/son relationship with regards to what the son can reflect to the father about his own wounds.

It can, however, be applied to all parent/caretaker and child relationships.

Our children have so much to teach us about life; often reflecting how far we’ve traveled from joy and nurturing the child within.

He isn’t pushing, cos he wants to make you mad,

He doesn’t know he’s triggering all the stuff you have,

He’s just a boy who’s playing make-believe,

Trying to make manifest all the beauty that he dreams.

He doesn’t realise where you’ve been,

He wasn’t there to witness all the darkness you’ve seen,

He’s not responsible for the pain you carry inside,

But his presence is showing, that from it, you cannot hide.

Feel what he’s highlighting under your skin,

You cannot hope to heal if you refuse the hurt within,

He’s not the ‘how’, but he’s showing you the ‘where’,

Lighting the way to freedom – if you dare.

Those barriers you’ve built will one day start to fail,

You’re living in a personal hell – a one-man jail,

The answer doesn’t lie in those escapist tricks you use,

The alcohol or drugs; whatever substance you abuse.

Will you break the circuit of your inherited-traits?

Or continue to play victim with the blame and self-hate?

Isn’t it time for courage; to lighten the load for your boy?

Confront what you fear and start walking to joy?

No, it won’t be easy, but nor is what you’re living now,

A struggling existence of burden and self-doubt,

Ask for help where it’s needed but understand this

Only you can heal you – there are no easy bits.

The answer’s in the journey – one step today,

Picking up your pride along the way,

A glowing inner-smile that no one can remove,

A strengthening self-love of which no other can disprove.

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