March Equinox – Welcoming in the Astrological New Year

Welcoming In The Astrological New Year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for fresh starts:

  • Every day the sun rises bringing us a brand new day,
  • Every 4 weeks (approx) we are greeted with a brand new month (both calendar and lunar),
  • Each January 1st we are gifted a shiny new year,
  • AND when the Sun moves into Aries (the first sign of the Zodiac) he ushers in the start of the Astrological New Year

This year (2022) the Astrological New Year begins on March 21st.

You may remember from my January New Year post (see section: ‘Reverberation and Crossover’) that I see the first quarter of a new year as a cross-over (type of echo) from the previous year.

So what can we expect from the next 12 months?

Let Go to Let In

As we moved through Pisces Season (19th Feb to 21st March), the onus was on Piscean themes; such as:

  • Slowing down,
  • Letting go,
  • De-cluttering,
  • Releasing (Physically, Emotionally, Mentally …)
  • Sleeping and allowing integration of the lessons of the past year

Inner Guidance and Being in the Heart

The call to come back to our hearts became important as we navigated Pisces season and this will continue for the next 12 months with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces now joined by Mercury (in the Equinox chart).

This places an emphasis on intuition and inner guidance. Letting our feelings guide and prompt us; reducing the need to analyse everything to the nth degree.

And instead opening more to flow and synchronicity; knowing we are always guided and life is always working out for us.

Something that may bring relief to you, as many are feeling mentally saturated after moving through a heavily logic-focused time (recent history).

The Mars/Venus/Saturn stellium in Aquarius indicates the importance of integrating the divine feminine and divine masculine within the self.

For example, using inspired action to manifest desires, allowing your feelings to guide your future and embodying more patience, gentleness and grace.

This may take a little discipline, commitment and fear-clearing (along with release of inner control and tension), as we choose to relinquish outdated 3D (living from the head) consciousness (striving, overwork, fear, separation, control … ) and move move greatly into 5D (living from the heart) consciousness (co-creator of reality, interconnection, intuitive guidance, ease).

Stop / Start

The stop / start energy we’ve experienced since 2020 is likely to continue with Uranus square to the Mars/Venus/Saturn stellium – and all for good reason.

Expect the unexpected and allow the unpredictability to awaken you to patterns, habits and outdated ways of being that need to go.

Relationship with Self and Others

The Moon placed at the anuretic degree of Libra implies that Venusian themes will remain important.

We began 2022 with Venus Retrograde and in The Astrological New Year chart, Venus conjuncts Saturn; implying the continued need to cultivate greater self love, self acceptance and inner harmony.

This extends to the relationships you share with others; especially the intimate ones – family, partnerships.

The Moon/Pluto square will likely bring tension to what needs to be seen, but also transformation if you’re willing to take responsibility to change it.

Financial Outlook

Your relationship to money is also likely to be important this year; especially when it comes to providing comfort and a sense of financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones.

Venus/Saturn can either bring a pessimistic feeling of lack or the discipline to move yourself to a better place.

Moon/Pluto will bring lessons related to power in this space and will likely highlight where you’ve been feeling powerless to change things.

Awareness is a good place to start, so if money isn’t your strong point, you may want to align yourself with good advisor.

Embrace your Individualism

Aries is the sign of the self and with his ruler (Mars) placed in Aquarius, it’s time to embrace your unique blueprint and take your rightful place within humanity.

The Saturn/Venus conjunction (also in Aquarius) can make that feel tricky; often bringing up fears around rejection, isolation and loneliness.

This is not the year to mould yourself to someone else’s expectations.

Although that may initially feel like the easier option, it doesn’t promise much growth.

Shrinking yourself never does.

Saturn’s lessons can be tough, but when embraced and worked through they often lead to the most fabulous outcomes.

So, this year, choose to love yourself as the unique human you are.

Choose self acceptance and choose to embody the kind of future you dream of.

Trust your inner guidance and take each day one step at a time.

Changing of the Seasons

The Equinox marks the official arrival of Autumn (Southern Hemisphere) and Spring (Northern Hemisphere), which is a fabulous time to detox the body.

My 10 steps to an Effective and Supportive Fast is full of great info on fasting; based on my own experience.

For a gentle, easy detox, Don Tolman’s range of Organic Juice Powders are perfect to give your digestive system a break whilst topping up your nutrition. Choose from Apple, Carrot or CABALA

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