Full Moon in Virgo – March 2022

The Details

The Full Moon in Virgo will exact on the 18th of March at 05:17pm (Brisbane, AEST) at 27 degrees and 40 seconds of Virgo. Click for a time conversion ; ushering in a gentle presence of the divine feminine.

Where does this fall in your chart? The house is an area of life that’s being illuminated.

Perhaps something is coming to fruition and requires celebration or maybe you’re just feeling blessed with all that life has given to you?

For a meaning of the houses, click here.

Illumination and Upgrade Needs

Full Moons are a time of high energy; when light is often shone upon unconscious behaviour patterns, areas of life in need of an upgrade or both.

So, take a moment to tune into what’s showing up for you.

When the Full Moon falls in Virgo, you may find:


  • Self-Criticism
  • Perfectionism
  • Workaholic Tendencies
  • Anxious, Fretful, Uneasy Attitudes
  • Inability to Relax
  • Shyness
  • Allergies / Digestive Troubles
  • Stress

And positively you may feel impelled to:

  • Put everything in it’s place with a good tidy
  • Declutter and clear space
  • Make a sacred space in your home
  • Seek healing
  • Commit to a meditation practice
  • Increase your intake of plant-based foods
  • Put the details to a plan

If perfectionism is your issue, the beautiful Siramarti ladies will be running a workshop on March 14th that may help you. You can find out about that here and, as it’s online, join from anywhere Worldwide.

Out With The Old – Release to Increase

Virgo loves a good declutter and Pisces (sign of this month’s New Moon) is adept at letting go.

So, as the Full Moon in Virgo builds, you may feel impelled to release what’s no longer wanted in life.

Whether that’s clearing out your home, letting go of unhelpful belief systems, releasing outdated friendships or saying goodbye to a lover, who won’t step up, will depend on your personal circumstance.

There’s a lot of truth in the saying “out with the old, in with the new” and often until you let go, you can’t move forward.

Release can be experienced as sadness, loss and grief

… or freedom and exhilaration.

When we clear out we literally make room for something new to enter and Uranus’ square with the Venus/Mars conjunction certainly implies your readiness for change, so expect some sudden realisations or events to propel you forward to new pastures.

April’s New Moon will fall in Aries and, as Aries is synonymous with birth, fresh starts and bravery; it’s a wonderful time to focus on progress.

The Equinox – The Astrological New Year is almost upon us!

Three days after the Full Moon in Virgo, the Sun moves to Aries and we welcome in the Equinox.

This is the Astrological New Year (Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac); a time for fresh starts and brave new chapters, so mark April 1st in your calendar and set some rocking intentions for your year ahead.

Then look out for my New Moon/Equinox report. Coming soon!

Discernment – Choosing Where To Place Your Energy Wisely

Much is happening collectively.

Choosing where you place your energy is always important, but it’s critical as we move to this Full Moon in Virgo, which has plenty of Pisces energy present.

If you find social media is getting you down, you may want to consider releasing that for a while

… or maybe cut down what you watch on the NEWS.

I took myself off my personal Facebook page a few weeks back and only hop on when I need to for the groups I’m a part of.

It’s made a huge difference to my energy.

There’s a difference between being aware and being enmeshed and most people seem to be in fear of something nowadays (understandably).

But working on the things you can control is always more powerful than worrying about the things you can’t.

Choose wisely this month.

It can be difficult to lift others when you’re own energy is down. 

Virgo is the boss at discernment, so maybe ask her to help you out with that one and set boundaries like you’ve never set them before!  😉

Spiritual Well-being and Your Inner Divine

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction continues to grow; bringing a rise in compassion, divine love and feminine energy. 

Spiritual, romantic and creative matters will be important as will honestly assessing where we might be deluding ourselves or expecting others to be our saviours.

We create our own reality and we have a host of spiritual helpers to assist with that. 

Remember to call on them for guidance (they’ll be happy you did) and remember your power.

Then watch for synchronicities, intuitive hunches, gut feelings and guides along the way.

We all have carry the divine within. That place within our hearts that instills faith, love and peace – if we know how to access it.

As March is a highly emotional month, you may find my e-book ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’ helpful or maybe you’d like to give a friend (or yourself) the ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day Nurture Pack’.

Purify for Clarity, Vitality and Increased Wellness

Virgo loves to purify, so don’t be surprised if that extends to your body; finding you drawn to eating healthful foods and lush greens this month.

How can you purify your life to bring clarity?

Whole Self health is imperative if we’re to function at our best and a good diet not only increases your physical health, but detoxes you emotionally and brings clarify the mind.

It’s so good to tap into how that feels.

If you want to juice, but don’t have a juicer or blender, my Don Tolman organic juice powders may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll find those here.

Much Love, Toria xx

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