New Moon in Pisces March 2022

March – A Month of Magic or Overwhelm?

The New Moon In Pisces ♓ can usher in a highly receptive, dreamy and emotional month of magic – if you know how to use it wisely.

You may feel called to watch movies and play music more than is usual. Energy-dips can be raised with movement; making dance a great choice!

If you’re sensitive, it’s always wise to protect your energy, but especially so during months like March when receptivity is high and it’s easier to be pulled into collective negativity; such as overwhelm.

Using a grounding technique each morning is helpful, as is taking a protective Australian Bush Flower Essence blend like this one.

Increased Compassion, Creativity & the Draw of Spiritual Pursuits

The growing Jupiter/Neptune conjunction  will be strong this lunar month exacting on April 12th; bringing a boost in compassion and creative imagination, but also potential distractions.

Energy will be heightened and at times feel quite ethereal, so remember to create your own month of magic and look out for synchronicity and signs.

Both these planets rule Pisces making this a time of optimism and opportunity for the fishes amongst us and for those engaged in Piscean pursuits.

Beneficial activities are:

  • Anything that enhances well-being and brings healing,
  • Spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, yoga …),
  • Activities, which increase compassion and intuition
  • Projects created to help or benefit others,
  • Taking time to dream and visualise.
  • Ocean or water-based endeavours
  • Anything Artistic – singing, dancing, writing, drawing …

For the none-fishy sun-sign folk -> Look for where Pisces resides in your birth chart for where lady luck will be shining her light on you.

Which area of life does that house relate to? – click here for a guide.

Flexible, but Focused. Direct Imagination Wisely

With four planets in Pisces at the New Moon and Mercury set to land here on the 10th March, it’s best to remain flexible, but don’t be so adaptable that nothing gets finished.

Keep focused on the goals you set by writing them down and keeping them within sight. The Mercury/Saturn conjunction can help you stay committed and zone-in on the details, but be mindful of negative thinking this month.

An over-active imagination can work with both optimism and pessimism, so remain aware of how that’s playing out for you.

This doesn’t mean ignoring what doesn’t feel good, but choosing to work through bad feelings as they arise and keeping things in perspective by not allowing things to spiral.

Raise your energy by:

  • Walking in the sun and getting out in nature,
  • Eating fresh fruits and veggies (especially organic and biodynamic ones) and home-cooked food
  • Making time to connect with loved ones
  • Doing something every day that brings you joy (big or small)

Watch points are –

  • Excess – taking on way too much and not knowing your limits
  • Negative escapism through alcoholism, drugs, zoning out …
  • Drifting, Giving into distraction and getting nowhere fast.
  • Overly Idealistic goals with impractical plans
  • Being too open energetically & getting yourself tangled up with collective energy – ground & protect your energy this month.
  • Falling prey to victim-mentality – remember your power!

Channel Intensity to Avoid Bad Moods and Outbursts

Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct at the New Moon giving a boost of power to your desires, so set your intentions and dream big (but take it one step at a time).

You’ll no doubt be connecting with the intensity of this conjunction as it builds (especially strong the week before the New Moon). Best to have a physical outlet; such as cardio or power lifting and something to channel the excess energy into; otherwise you may just end up feeling grumpy.

Your month of magic won’t happen if you’re rushing about here, there and everywhere or melting down in overwhelm every 5 seconds.

The Full Moon chart on the 18th has a beautiful, feminine energy to it, so slow down, soak it in and enjoy the journey.

The Moon will exact at 12 degrees and 6 seconds of Pisces on 3rd March 2022 at 03:34am (AEST, Brisbane Time). Click for a time conversion to your timezone.

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