Full Moon in Leo – You need to Shine

We’re building to a Full Moon in Leo; the type of Full Moon that brings celebration, joy and the reminder you need to shine as the being you are .

You Need to Shine

You’re here to do YOU, to honour your own truth and to radiate in doing so – but that isn’t always easy and this Full Moon is likely to illuminate any blocks you have to showing up, being seen and feeling appreciated (because that’s partly what Leo Full Moon’s do 😉 ).

As we travel from 8th February through to the 17th February look for what arises around and within you.

This month could see you feeling confident, joyful and content; happily surveying the reality you’ve created around you and if this is you, it’s a great time to acknowledge what’s working, what you appreciate and what you’d like to celebrate.

Alternatively, it could bring up events or situations that trigger hurt (Leo rules the heart) and a crisis of confidence.

Or it could bring a mix of both – perhaps in different areas of life.

Either experience is a beneficial one. The first one affirms you’re in the zone, comfortable with who you are, grounded and happy in your own skin.

The second illuminates what you need to acknowledge (and move through) to get you in the zone.

Where Leo’s concerned, strategies that bring increased self love, worthiness and self acceptance may be necessary.

Obsessive, Obstinate Mindsets Could Spark Trouble

The fixed energy is strong in the Full Moon chart; indicating that stubbornness and rigidity could be an issue this month, as could obsessiveness and intense feelings.

  • Where are you feeling resistance?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • Where do you need to be more objective?
  • Is pride an issue?

The Venus/Mars conjunction is bringing a drive for connection through relationship. This can bring a deeper bond with loved ones (where feelings are reciprocated)

… or a sense of rejection where they are not.

Integration of the Divine Feminine & Masculine

It’s also a great energy for integration of the Divine Female (allowing, receiving) and Divine Masculine (doing, giving) within.

Can you see which plays out stronger in you? I found this write up, which is a good one for understanding which is which 🙂

Taking time in the day for rest, meditation and being there for loved ones; whilst also bravely taking action and moving forward on a work project is one way to balance this energy when it falls in Capricorn.

Capricorn is self-responsible and committed.

How can you balance both energies within you throughout each day?

Leadership, Passion and Creativity

Passion is high and it’s a great month for self-expression and creativity.

How you feel when creating and your response to the finished product can be another indicator for how aligned you are with Leo energy.

Lead with your Heart, Know you’re Loved

Many Leo’s like to be out in front, up on stage and often have a talent for public speaking, leadership and teaching (or all!).

Making a commitment to showing up and being seen can be empowering, but when self-love is lacking there can be a tendency to go overboard with extravagant gestures or over-bearing behaviour.

Shine your generous heart forward, stay grounded in your body and know you are LOVED.

Place your hand on your heart, take 3 long, deep breaths and say “I AM WORTHY”, “I AM LOVED”, “I AM APPRECIATED”, “I AM VALUED”, “I AM CONFIDENT AND I CHOOSE TO SHOW UP AND BE SEEN AS I TRULY AM”

Want help dealing with your emotions around this Full Moon? My E-Book “Sunshine on a Rainy Day” may help.


To be true to yourself (and honour you need to shine), you often need to feel safe, understood, valued, appreciated and supported.

These feelings have to be nurtured within and it can be especially difficult when a loving parent or guide wasn’t present in the early years.

Saturn (dispositor of this Full Moon) can bring up fear around being seen, feeling different or being rejected by the group.

But your soul has its own unique calling and to not listen to that has a pain of its own.

We are not all here for the same purpose and your feelings tell you what is and what is not appropriate for you as you walk through life.

They teach you what you enjoy, what you dislike and your preferences

… and they show you where you need to shine.

When you honour them you contribute to the human race from your own individual position, which is why every single person on the planet is needed.

This time in history has been especially difficult for those who do things differently and it is the minority who often have to stand up and speak out against oppression; fighting for the right to adhere to their personal truth.

I’ve chose John Farnham – “You’re the Voice” as the Song of the Month as I love his message of standing together and speaking out. So needed right now.

And “Hacksaw Ridge” as the Movie of the Month. If you’ve never seen it, please seek it out and watch it. It’s an amazing true story of a man (Desmond Doss), who stuck to his principals during World War in the face of threats, bullying and cruelty and in doing so became a hero.

Interestingly, he was termed a “conscientious objector” for his refusal to carry a gun. A term also given to those, who don’t do vaccinations.

Song of the Month

The full moon in Leo exacts at 27 degrees and 59 seconds on 17th February at 2.56am (AEST) – click for a time conversion.

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