Gravitate to what Lights You Up!

February’s New Moon falls in Aquarius; asking how are you contributing and who are you aligned with?

Aquarius is progressive energy and, as we move towards this month’s full moon (in its polar opposite sign – Leo), it’s time to look at how your unique blueprint fits into the whole.

February is about owning who you are, making aligned choices and rising in confidence as a result of that.

It’s association with group energy brings realisation (‘a-ha’s) around teamwork; whether that’s your team at work, your family, your sports club, your friendships …

Aquarius reminds we’re stronger together and by the Leo Full Moon, you’ll want to feel proud of who you are and how you’re contributing.

A shining example of this is the Australian Open – tennis stars (Leo) couldn’t do what they do alone. They need a team (Aquarius) around them.

This quote from Ash Barty, who just became the first Australian to win a singles Australian Open title since 1978! … and it’s very relative to the energy of the Leo /Aquarius axis:

“We (her team) often talk about it being this incredible journey, this great adventure. It’s about making those things happen along the way and really enjoying it.”

Ash Barty on winning the Australian Open Women’s Singles Tournament

Gravitate towards the things that light you up this month & support those that are bringing benefit to your World!

The Push for Change

This particular Aquarius New Moon also relates to your evolution; especially as it connects strongly with Saturn and Uranus (who are also its rulers).

These two planets dominated much of the energy of 2021 as they connected in square with one another; an aspect, which continues to wane, but not quite enough (yet) to be a distant memory.

This is intense energy and it’s pushing for change.

Easy to see the push and pull playing out in the collective, but the key’s in discerning what that means for you personally.

Saturn ALWAYS requires commitment.

He’s a tough, grit-loving planet, but his rewards are tenfold – AS LONG AS YOU DO WHAT’S REQUIRED.

That will mean different things for different people, but a few examples:

  • Stepping up to learn new skills at work
  • Being more disciplined with your children – even when that feels uncomfortable (it’ll usually be much more uncomfortable if you’re not)
  • Raising your vibration with committed self development
  • Eating more nutritious food (restricting what doesn’t feel good)
  • Working to move and strengthen your body
  • Clearing resistance to change – This is a biggy!
  • Being honest about what you no longer want in life – and what you do! – AND Then fiercely commiting to this.

What are you being asked to wake up to? Say no to? Move away from? Take responsibility for? …

Hopefully by now the penny’s dropped and you know you can’t dodge it any longer.

Along with the realisation that the short term pain you’ll go through (to make the improvement (or upgrade)) is far better than the long term pain of denial, avoidance or stagnation.

This is Saturn!

Whilst Uranus wants you to embrace the change and up-level to a whole new future, evolved version of you!

Trust the Universe has your back!

… and that everything which is arising is doing so to move you to where you want to be.

Clear the fears and know the tension can be an indicator of how much resistance you’re in.

Just to make sure you’re getting the message, Saturn not only rules this New Moon, but he’s sitting right next to it.

AND Uranus (also the ruler) is square to it, so it’s a no-brainer this energy will remain strong for the month ahead; challenging you to step up.

Where do you see yourself in your future – and how are you contributing to bringing that into your reality?

Ambition, Empowerment and Transformation

Venus is now direct, but she has yet to have her final meeting with Pluto; a transit which started back in December and completes early March.

Financial empowerment, transformed relationships; as well as a deep-dive into your psyche around self-worth are likely.

Mercury remains retrograde in the New Moon chart and conjuncts Pluto asking you clear out negative inner-speak and unhelpful beliefs.

And to also repair whatever appliances (or vehicles) broke during January.

With Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, lack mentality could be a thing, but then so could a stellar work ethic and laser focus.

Your ambition is likely on fire this month and it’s a great 4-weeks to push forward with plans; especially after Mercury turns direct on the 4th Feb.

Embrace your Individuality, Respect Others

The Sun, Moon, Saturn ‘huddle’ in Aquarius brings more lessons around embracing your uniqueness and the point that, although we’re all in this together …

… we’re not all seeing it the same way nor necessarily on the same path.

Respect for each other, adherence to (and trust in one’s own inner wisdom) remains key.

As does inner work!

Aquarius is not a particularly emotional sign; preferring the realm of the intellect.

Negatively, it can be contrary or tend to rigidity when it comes to beliefs and ideologies – believing it knows what’s best for everyone

… but the evolved Aquarian is the dreamer, who dreams of a future that supports everyone; its positive benefits being objectivity and teamwork; leveraging the talent of the individual to strengthen the group.

And Building systems that support all; cooperatively and harmoniously.

Nourish – Don’t Punish!

One last point around this to be aware of is that you are a whole person.

You have emotions, a physical body, spiritual needs and a wonderful mind.

Remember to nourish your whole self as you move through February.

The energy is lightening fast changeable at the minute and it can be all to easy to push your emotions and physical needs aside and overwork yourself!

Go after what you want, but do so in a grounded, enjoyable and nourishing way!

Remember what you put out is what you get back.

Everything is energy!

Protect that beautiful nervous system of yours.

Recap on the Year so far, Degrees and Time of the New Moon

To recap on last month’s lunar energy, click here and here.

This New Moon falls at 12 degrees of Aquarius on 1st February 2022 at 03:45pm (click for a time conversion)

What house does that signify in your birth chart and where will you be setting intentions this month?

Click here for the house meanings.

New Moon in Aquarius – February 2022 – What are you contributing?
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