The Full Moon in Cancer will exact on 18th January 2022 at 09:47am (AEST, Brisbane) (click for a time conversion)

asking that you listen to your feelings, tune into your emotional wellbeing and heed your intuition.

What’s your inner guidance system saying?

Clear Anger, Seek Solutions

Mars sesquisquares Uranus and inconjuncts the Moon as she builds, which is likely to bring frustration and could find you feeling angry.

Cancer can be reactive and defensive, so it’s best to clear it and breathe before responding; especially if you want your message clearly heard.

This is further likely due to Mercury now being retrograde when delays and misunderstandings require flexibility.

When we don’t resolve our own negative emotion it leads to toxicity and higher instances of fear, anger, negative judgment of others and even spite.

We’ve seen this play out since the pandemic began with supermarket shelves being cleared and fights breaking out over toilet paper, as those gripped by heavier emotions panic and start trying to protect themselves and their loved ones at all costs.

Anger is a valid emotion, which when used wisely will show what you will no longer tolerate. Just beware of being trigger happy.

Pluto’s opposition to the Moon brings intense emotions to the surface, so purge away.

A great method is to put pen to paper and then burn the paper and move your body to release it.

Click here for an excellent explanation of clean and dirty anger; along with instructions on how to move anger through you and write effective anger letters.

Worry, Worry, Worry & the Need for True Compassion

Cancer is a highly protective sign and an emotional one, which presides over the emotional well-being of the home and family.

Certainly a hot topic at the minute and this Full Moon may well bring worry to the surface.

Such worry will play out differently depending on your circumstance- i.e:

  • You’ve lost your job, because the vaccine didn’t feel right for you and your place of work mandated it and now you’re concerned about providing for your loved ones
  • You’ve had the vaccine, but only did so because you felt backed into a corner and now feel violated
  • You’re happy to have the vaccines, as that felt right for you, but the rampant spread of the virus is causing great concern to you regarding your loved ones health
  • You’re concerned about the future for your family if things get worse
  • Everything seems to be slipping backwards
  • You feel like you’ve gone into lack-mentality and can’t find your usual mojo

I know this can feel dis-empowering.

There’s no denying we’re going through one of the toughest times we’ve ever had to live through and it really isn’t easy for anyone.

But it can help to clear the negative emotions that arise.

That’s one of the best uses of Full Moon energy, as she illuminates what we need to clear on our path to move forward to brighter days.

It may seem we can’t change much about what’s happening in the World right now, but we can always work on what arises within us as a response to that and there’s never been a more critical time to do so.

And now more than ever we need faith, trust and plenty of compassion for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

There is no clear end in sight (and that in itself brings fear), but this too shall pass.

Let us get to that passing point holding one another in love and safety as much as we can.

Now more than ever we need to be (and need) leaders of compassion.

Where did the fun go?… and the need for a Sanctuary

Venus is also Retrograde at the time of the Full Moon, so the desire to retreat into your shell or stay close to home may be stronger than usual around a Cancer Full Moon.

That shouldn’t be too difficult – at least here in Brisbane – where the return to school is delayed and many are working from home.

But also with outbreaks of Corona Virus escalating Worldwide many are choosing not to venture far.

In her highest, direct form, Venus likes to socialise and attract pleasant and enjoyable experiences.

When she’s retrograde things can feel quite blah 🙁 . I’m sure you’ve noticed!

It’s important to look after your emotional wellbeing above all else at the minute and to look out for the wellbeing of those around you.

My E-Book Sunshine on a Rainy Day has lots of tips for emotional wellbeing. Please seek help if you think you need professional help or further support.

You may also find you’re prompted to:

  • Repair a home appliance (or two) – retrogrades can reveal weaknesses that need attention
  • Repair your car (Mercury Retrograde too)
  • Improve on and spruce up your Haven
  • De-clutter or move furniture around
  • Reconsider the family menu and how you nurture your loved ones to build immunity
  • Indulge in a baking marathon
  • Take responsibility for family dynamics that don’t soothe your sanctuary
  • Make plans to increase your nest egg, as you feel impetus to increase the safety of your haven
  • Plan a home renovation.

Venus will turn direct on 29th January with Mercury following on 4th February.

The Full Moon will exact at 27 degrees and 50 seconds of Cancer.

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