The Astrology of 2022 and The New Moon in Capricorn – January 2022

Where Do You Need To Take Responsibility for the Life you’re Living?

The first new moon of 2022 falls in Capricorn; reminding you of the need to take responsibility for the life you’re living.

Exacting at 12 degrees and 20 seconds of Capricorn at 04:33am on January 3rd here in Brisbane (AEST), this New Moon lights up the sector of your chart related to your ambitions, sense of reality and self discipline Click here for a time conversion to your part of the World.

Which house does that fall in for you and what impetus are you receiving from this area of life to step up?

This may help you work that out -> The Meanings of the Astrological Houses

… and if you’d like more help discerning your birth chart you may want to download my E-Book – E-Book – Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness

As this New Moon brings a whole new year along with it, we’ll explore both the energy in the New Moon chart and the energy of the first quarter of 2022, as denoted by the New Years Day chart.

Read on for that …

Ability to Create & Attract

With Venus conjunct the New Moon and reversing towards the New Moon degree throughout January, Venus-related themes will be strong this month

You’d be wise to heed the messages she’s bringing through.

Choosing the responsible option (inner work / moving away from what’s not working) is likely to set you up for a strong year; whereas ignoring any cracks or dysfunction may have the opposite effect.

Venus presides over things such as:

  • attraction,
  • creativity,
  • beauty,
  • appearance,
  • relationships,
  • pleasure,
  • taste,
  • values,
  • personal finances,
  • Art,
  • aesthetics,
  • diplomacy

Looking at your ability to create and attract what you want in life will be important this month with Venus Retro highlighting any impediment you have to that.

Use this knowledge wisely and work on transforming what’s needed, as Venus liaises with Pluto; promising empowerment to those that do.

Venus will turn direct at 11 degrees on the 29th January 2022, so work through those self-love, money, relationship or other Venus-related stories and see what happens as we move into February.

New Moon Chart January 2022 – where do you need to take responsibility for the life you’re living?

Fresh Insights, Enhanced Intuition & Healing

Jupiter and Mercury are both harmoniously connecting with the nodes bringing fresh ideas, inspiration and the impetus for growth.

A strong connection with your higher self can bring insight, flow and a sense of being in the right place at the right time.

Jupiter in Pisces also brings growth through healing.

Is it time to take responsibility for the life you’re living and seek out some help?

You can choose to be your own guru during 2022, but you don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of healers of all different types just waiting for you to reach out.

Keep an eye out of signs and remember to ask your guides for help whenever you feel alone or in need of their assistance.

Release, Respect, Rise

January is also a great time to release any unhelpful beliefs and negative judgements; especially when it comes to others.

Saturn in Aquarius (as joint ruler of the New Moon) sends a reminder that we’re all living different realities based on our experiences, beliefs and brain chemistry.

Every individual on the planet has a part to play in making up the whole and no-one is less needed than another.

You play your part simply by being yourself; staying true to your heart and giving others the respect to do the same.

Venus retrograde asks you seek to remove self-doubt and any impediment to unconditional self love, so if you’re feeling a lack of acceptance it may be time to dig around here for a while.

Other people can be wonderful mirrors for what we need to work on personally.

Uranus (as modern ruler of this New Moon) continues to shake the foundations of what we previously believed to be stable.

Especially difficult, as he makes his way through Taurus; a sign that craves stability & comfort.

2022 may bring grief as we release what was.

As the Nodes shift their axis and move to Taurus/Scorpio, our dependency on the Earth’s resources will likely come more strongly into focus.

Whilst acknowledging and owning your money story could bring insight, awareness and awakening.

Reverberation and Crossover

There are several ways to look at the incoming energy of 2022.

  • Draw up the New Year Chart (1st January 2022 at 00:00:00 am) – whether you draw that up for GMT or for the time zone in which you live differs according to different astrologers, techniques and approaches (See below for the New Year chart)
  • Draw up the chart of the first New Moon of the year (pictured above)
  • Read up on the Chinese New Year – 2022 will be the year of the Tiger 😉 – I enjoyed reading about that here and I also noted that Leonardo Di-Caprio is a Tiger, so it’s no surprise that the movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ (launched as we ended 2021) is growing in popularity as we move into 2022 – great movie with a great message. A message that also relates strongly to the nodal shift that will occur mid-January.
  • Look at the numerology for the year (2022 is a 6 year numerologically) – I particularly like Simone Matthew’s work with numerology and you can find out what she has to say about 2022 and the number 6 here.
  • Draw up the chart of the Autumn / Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries (Astrological New Year) – we’ll look at this further during March 2022.
  • Look at the key transits that will be in play throughout the year – please follow me at: Instagram or Facebook for an update on those throughout 2022
  • Look at how the Astrology of 2022 impacts you personally (via a birth chart reading with a qualified Astrologer).

I like to look at all of these, but I believe the first quarter of the new year (up until the Sun enters Aries at the Equinox) is a reverberation (cross over) from the previous year.

Therefore, we begin 2022 with Venus Retrograde (discussed in the previous paragraph) and with Saturn (ruler of this New Moon) still in orb of its square to Uranus; indicating that the reverberations from the strongest aspect of 2021 are still being felt for the first quarter of 2022.

The Saturn/Uranus square bought shock (particularly around financial security and body autonomy), rebellion, restriction, separation, tension and the impetus for change; especially where there was a need to break free from anything limiting, controlling, archaic or restrictive.

The Energy of the New Year Chart

The New Year chart is Venus-Ruled (both Brisbane and the London GMT one) with Libra on the Ascendant; denoting that finances, values, tastes and relationships will be key themes this year.

With all four angles of the chart governed by cardinal signs, it’s a year to take personal initiative for needed change.

The Moon/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius shows a need (and drive for) freedom; with financial freedom likely to be something desired by most people in their new year resolutions.

The push for body autonomy and the freedom of self-expression/speech will likely remain strong.

The Home – and Family relationships within it – will be highlighted; particularly mortgages, family income and communication between family members. Transformation sought in this area could bring about powerful change for those willing to take responsibility.

One on one love-relationships will also come under the spotlight this year as Saturn and Uranus push for progress.

Those digging in their heels and refusing to change or take responsibility for their part in upgrading existing relationships will likely find themselves forced into change by a strong partner or coming to the end of that couple-journey.

Whereas singles desirous of a partner will likely feel it’s time to take responsibility for manifesting their beau – whatever it takes.

Saturn’s lessons can feel tough, but doing the hard yards always ensures you yield results and there will be light at the end of the tunnel for those that do.

This is Saturn’s reward.

Because it’s only when you step up and acknowledge where you need to take responsibility for the life you’re living, that you can become master of your own reality.

New Year Chart 2022 – Brisbane

New Year Chart 2022 – London

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