Full Moon in Gemini – HOw’s Your Communication?

Full Moon in Gemini – How’s Your Communication?

Full Moons – Bringing Shadows to Light

As the Moon grows to Full in Gemini – how’s your communication?

Gemini’s all about connection, so the way you speak, express yourself and interact with others may be asking for awareness during December.

Especially apt with Venus traversing the retrograde zone ready to turn all retro on us on the 19th December

… and especially poignant, as she’ll do that amidst a Pluto transit.

Now until the end of January is a great time to tune-up those happy-relationship barometers and work on what’s not working.

This could also extend to inner-speak (issues of self worth/value) and built up resentment.

Very hard to have loving relationships when resentment is involved!

Instead of seeing this as frustrating, try seeing where needed change will take you – hopefully from relationship angst to relationship heaven!

Clear anger and take responsibility (Venus is in Capricorn!).

The week building up to a Full Moon offers a monthly diagnosis of where you’re at in life.

That’s because Full Moons illuminate; bringing shadows to light

… and shadows can be uncomfortable.

Try seeing the conscious awareness as a gift, because without it you wouldn’t be able to see what needs to change.

Expression can mean many things –

  • The way you interact with another
  • The way you move
  • The energy you bring
  • The words you choose
  • Your demeanour
  • That ache you have in your heart to be heard and seen as you are
    • … or to share your talents
  • Your ability to talk, write, paint (even dance) effectively

The Full Moon exacts on 19th December here in Brisbane at 02:33PM (AEST) – click for a time conversion.

It will do so at 27 degrees of Gemini.


How freaky is that given the mandates that are being bought in!

And especially so with Venus turning retrograde in Capricorn (a sign that can feel hard and is synonymous (in its negative expression) with lack, pessimism and struggle).

For more on Venus retrograde, please click here and revisit the New Moon report for this Lunar month.

Cars, Networks and Phones could also bring trouble – perhaps proving more expensive than expected.

Shocks around Safety

The Saturn/Uranus square is strong in the Full Moon chart (building to exact Christmas Eve).

Coupled with Venus’ journey through the shadow zone of her impending retrograde It’s no surprise that shocks around money have arisen (Venus is the money planet).

That’s because Uranus (planet of shake ups and shocks) is transiting Venus-ruled Taurus; a sign synonymous with the need for physical and material security.

Pluto conjunct to Venus represents power – whether that’s power struggles, empowerment issues or your innate power to attract who and what you need.

Keep your vibration high around this Full Moon.

Visualise and feel into the future you wish to see.

Pluto/Venus can represent magnetic attraction of what’s both wanted and unwanted, so be mindful where you’re putting your energy and what you’re bringing!


Neptune squares the Full Moon giving an increase in imagination (great for visualising that glowing future!), but it can also bring overwhelm, high emotions, anxiety and confusion.

This will be likely felt for the days preceding the Full Moon and it will call for compassionate responses for those who need it.

You’d be wise to keep things as clear as possible, to question the facts and to check and double-check this month.

Sensitivity may also be high – as well as the potential for tiredness.

Meditation is highly recommended as is listening to a snippet of Abraham Hicks each day (if that appeals to you).

Optimism Boost

With Mars moving to Sagittarius a few days before the Full Moon exacts, expect optimism to increase.

Mars is how we go about things and in Sagittarius, it’s with broad brush strokes, wide-open plains and a fiery, positive spirit. You can read more on this energy here.

To recap on the New Moon energy that set up this lunar month; including more information on Venus Retrograde and the final exact square of the Saturn/Uranus square, click here.

Mercury (as ruler of this Full Moon) falls on Capricorn 8 (An Angel Carrying A Harp) – look for good news!

The borders re-opening over here in Australia is certainly a move forward and a cause for celebration.

Goodness knows we’ve had enough bad to listen to this year, so seek out the good and gravitate towards that.

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