Scorpio New Moon – Set Intentions of Empowerment

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November’s New Moon arrives on Friday 5th November at 7:14am (AEST, Brisbane) asking you to set intentions for empowerment.

Exacting at 12 degrees of Scorpio conjunct to Mars, this is a powerful New Moon and one to set intentions that allow you to:

  • Purge and Detox from Behaviours & Beliefs that Hold you Back
  • Choose Empowerment & Embodiment over Fear and Self Doubt
  • Say No to Tyranny, Oppression and Bullying Behaviours
  • Be Honest about What you Do and Do Not Want
  • Listen to your Innate Wisdom, Honour your Emotions & Trust your own Unique Path
  • De-clutter what’s unnecessary & Make Room for the New
  • Stay Grounded & Centred (to make the most of what the month has to offer)


Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign; Tenacious and Strong.

… and that means November can be a month of breakthroughs, radical transformation and shifts.

Our final Eclipse Season of 2021 starts with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 19th November, but expect to feel the rise in intensity 2-weeks prior as the energy rumbles in.

Eclipses bring change, Scorpio brings death and rebirth and Uranus (who’s energy is important around this New Moon) brings awakening, the urge to break-free and the unexpected.

Meditation will be an ally as we navigate a potentially intense end to the year; enabling a strong connection with your higher-self (inner guidance system).

Just 15-minutes a day sitting in peace is all that’s needed.

Supermoon Vibes

This New Moon will occur at its Lunar Perigee; meaning it will be at its closest point to the Earth. Although not visible, the New Moon will have a marked effect on Tides and Emotions.

It will be important to stay grounded this month and tune into your inner landscape.

Ask yourself “How do I feel” three times each day –


  • On Waking Up,
  • At Midday
  • During the Early Evening

Let your emotions guide you to what you’re honestly feeling and seek to honour and deal with tricky emotions as they arise.

My E-Book: Sunshine on a Rainy Day can help you navigate that.

Negative Emotions to watch for:

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Uncomfortable Tension
  • Resentment
  • Stubbornness
  • Resistance
  • Frustration


Mars moving through Scorpio helps increase purposeful action and focus this month.

So you may find you’re more motivated to reach your goals now.

Remember to set Intentions for Empowerment

Acknowledge & clear negative emotion early on

… And you’ll be able to capitalise on some great momentum.


If you’re one of the many complaining of a few extra pounds (since lockdowns began), this New Moon may bring the staying the power you’ve been longing for to return to your pre-lockdown weight.

The added grit from Mars in Scorpio is also good for digging deep at your exercise of choice.

Scorpio energy can abstain – whether that means from foods that sabotage or from excess spending.

So, money goals could also be a winner this month.

Wishing you a successful and fulfilling month.

Much Love,

Toria xx

“Your Outer World is a reflection of your Inner Vibe. Own your Reality. Change what doesn’t Feel Great and Rise!”

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