Libra New Moon – intentions FOR PEACE – OCT 2021

Libra New Moon SET INTENTIONS! October 2021

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New Moons kick start the energy for the Lunar Month ahead.

October – Introduction

October will be an interesting month.

The New Moon will arrive on Wednesday October 6th at 09:04pm here in Brisbane *click for a time conversion*

With Mercury and Mars also in Libra (alongside the Sun and Moon), what’s fair and balanced could take up a good portion of the month.

Injustice is unlikely to be tolerated for long

… and desires for a more relaxed & fun social life may arise.

Peace Goals, Balance & Beauty Desires

The quest for inner peace and harmony will be strong.

Perhaps finding you compelled to take action on behalf of another.

Whether that’s advocating for your child, partner, friend or a marginalised societal group.

You may find an intense love affair takes precedence or perhaps you’ll want to beautify an area of your life;

… be it your home, appearance, relationships or car.

This New Moon set intentions to slow-down if that resonates with you.

Libra loves balance; especially if your life is so fast-paced you’re constantly craving a holiday.

A life lived at full throttle, which does not allow for rest, relaxation and integration is unlikely a healthy one.

Endings for Some

Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will station-direct in Air Signs within 8 days of each other (between October 11th and 19th); heralding a potential change of direction

… perhaps for friendships, groups, your social life and/or how you fit in with society

You may find yourself moving on from old groups that no longer inspire or support you.

… especially if there’s a stubborn deadlock when it comes to opposing views.

Libran energy can be incredibly tolerant and has the ability to step into other’s shoes and see all sides,

… but that keen sense of right will not put up with unfair treatment or discord for long.

Intensity Building

Kicking off the ‘change-of-direction’ party will be Pluto, who stations-direct on October 7th.

For a small planet, Pluto packs a strong energetic punch.

Expect some intensity as he slows down towards the end of September and expect to feel his strength around this New Moon.

Where are you feeling a push to claim back your power?

Pluto energy is fabulous for purging, so think detox, declutter, dispose…

This sets up a cathartic Lunar Month when releasing, letting go and clearing the way is a great strategy.

Meditating during Pluto’s change of direction could prove empowering – check the time in your area here.

Will there be a change of direction with Laws and Mandates?

Expect an increase in confidence, motivation and forward-momentum towards the end of the month;

… and potentially important news related to COVID regulations / laws around the Full Moon (exacts October 21st).

What will come to fruition at this time on a global, local and personal level?

Breaking Free

Uranus’ presence generates inner desire for change, excitement and – importantly – freedom.

Feeling hemmed in will likely be a bone of contention this month.

Be honest about your triggers and work through tension, frustration and fear as they arise.

If there are elements of your life holding you back, they too may fall away as we move into Spring.

Take it Easy

Libra energy loves to socialise, so make sure you plan some fun occasions to make life more enjoyable.

Is it time to ditch the struggle and relax more fully into life?

If you find you’re feeling down more than up, consider a News Fast – no T.V, no Radio, no Social Media.

Take yourself away to a favourite beauty spot and lay in the sun.

Spend some time alone re-connecting with who you are, what you love and what you actually want in life.

Ditching the outside interruptions and noise can be incredibly empowering.

Choose to surround yourself with people and things that light you up rather than put you down.

It’s a New Moon and a New Month.

Set intentions and consciously work towards New Beginnings.

Want a crystal ball look at the Full Moon energy this month? – Click Here!

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