Full Moon FRUITION – ARIES – October 2021



October’s Full Moon will exact in Aries on October 21st at 12:57am (AEST – BRISBANE TIME) – click for the time in your region

Powerful Breakthroughs or Intense Dilemmas?

This is a powerful and potentially feisty Full Moon.

Directed wisely, the energy could bring breakthroughs and deep, profound changes.

Especially for those inclined to taking responsiblity for their own well-being and lives.

The Importance of Guiding Your Energy

For others, it may bring about intense feelings; especially week beginning 17th October as the Moon is building (and potentially over the weekend prior).

It’s important to remember your main role in life – to look after and guide your energy.

If something doesn’t feel good, then it’s up to you to change it.

Whether that’s physically adjusting something in your environment

… or doing the inner work necessary to ripple change into your reality.

If something hasn’t gone your way this week, it doesn’t mean it never will!

Saturn changes direction ten days before the Full Moon and moves towards his final alignment with Uranus (happening Christmas Eve).

That means we’re deep in the middle of the overarching transit of the year.

If you’ve been wanting something to change or shift (and it hasn’t yet), don’t lose heart.

Keep doing the work (inner and outer) and see what arrives around Christmas.

Instead of feeling frustrated, give gratitude to the Full Moon for the shadow’s it has revealed to you.

You Can!

Entrenched patterns can repeat – sometimes for years.

Inner work can soften – and often completely dissipate – such patterns.

If you’re struggling, it may pay to look for a modality that resonates and commit to doing something so incredibly important for yourself.

You can shift things and you can create a life of greater well-being – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. If you don’t know how to do this – or where to even start – it may be worth having a discovery call with me to see if I can help set you on the right path.

Drop me a message here for that.

Mitigate Drama, Deal with Anger Effectively

Be mindful of where you’re investing your energy mid to late October, as drama may arise.

Remember your promise to yourself at the New Moon on the 6th and commit to bringing as much peace, harmony & joy into your life as you can.

Read my New Moon report here if you need a reminder of what it was bringing in.

Aries can bring impatience, impulsivity and anger.

If you find anger an issue, this FREE resource is a great help.

If you like what you read there, you can find more great articles, resources and courses at: www.reachpotential.com.au

Perspective, Appreciation & Celebration

It may help to step back from what’s happening around you and instead turn your attention to what’s good in your life.

Write out a gratitude list, meditate, visit (or call) your favourite people or places.

If you’re in a good space around this Full Moon you’ll likely capitalise on the energised momentum.


Be sure to celebrate your manifesting abilities and know that even if shadows arise, you have the power to shift through them.

Dig Deep!

Go You!!

To recap on the energy of the New Moon, which set up this Lunar Month, click here.

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