New Moon In Virgo – September 2021

Spring is in the Air! Where are you Feeling the need for Change?

September’s New Moon exacts on the 7th just after 10:51am here in Brisbane (AEST)* at 14 degrees of Virgo.

The Uranus trine brings excitement and the desire for stimulation and change.

It could also bring a surprise or two.

Where are you feeling:

  • The urge to shift things up a gear
  • The need for a different routine
  • The sense of an awakening stirring
  • The tingle of potentials
  • Like a good clear out

Maybe the Earth-governed houses of your birth chart will give you clues to the areas of life likely to be affected, as we have a beautiful Earth Grand Trine (wide) happening as the New Moon exacts.

Change is on the way!

And it could be powerful!

To understand what this could mean for you, look for the houses with Taurus Virgo and Capricorn resident in them and look up the area of life that those houses relate to.

If you’d like to glean further understanding of your birth chart, you can order my E-Book – Introductory Tips to Astrological Self Awareness.

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  • A Meditation to help you attune to the planetary energy within your chart
  • An example of how to put it all together

Decluttering for Manifestation

Spring is in the Air, so consider where a Spring Clean may be necessary in your life.

Decluttering is a powerful manifestation practice – creating space for the new to arrive.

Do some of that this month 🙂

Could it be Resistance?

If you’re feeling tired, over-it or just lacking in your usual vitality you may be in resistance.

If this is you, consider getting back on the meditation wagon and back in flow.

There’s been a lot of change this year and it’s been huge energetically.

Keeping up with it is a daily task!

Luckily Virgo energy reminds us of the need for daily habits that nourish and sustain.

New Moon = New Beginning

Setting goals under a New Moon and committing to following them through as the Lunar Month progresses can be fruitful.

Especially when it’s a productive Virgo New Moon with a helpful Mars/Pluto connection.

Once you’ve shifted that resistance, expect to feel driven and on the quest for expansion.

But also remain flexible, as Mercury enters the shadow zone for his next retrograde.

Break-Throughs, Inner Work and Growth

As well as being pragmatic, Virgo is a sign synonymous with healing and that Uranus contact could bring a break-through on your spiritual path.

A-ha moments could abound this month along with some deep transformation and inner expansion.

Acting on those ‘a-has’ could lead to empowerment, so listen up and do the work.

What Messages do you need to Hear?

Mercury as ruler of the New Moon resides in Libra and opposes Chiron signifying that relationship harmony could be a goal.

Whilst the Pluto/Venus square promises challenges to that – especially for those with planets or points around 24-25 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Ensure your needs are understood early on in the month to mitigate upsets when Uranus opposes Venus on the 23rd.

And remain alert for the messages that Mercury brings you.

Whether through pain in the body, work issues that need to be resolved, home repairs or actual conversations …

Honesty is the best policy if you’re to evolve your connections to the next level and secure the intimacy you crave.

Money could also be a source of some intensity.

If this relates, consider a deep dive into your current financial state and a plan for how to rise.

Energy Management

There’s still plenty of retrograde energy happening this month, so take your time and trust things will progress in their own sweet time.

It’s become more important than ever to manage our energy as we move through these challenging years.

Virgo can bring anxiety, stress responses perfectionism and fragility.

Sit quietly, place your hand on your heart and know you are safe.

Consider watching this video for a tip on re-centreing yourself should a spiral begin.

With so much love,

Toria xx

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