Full Moon in Pisces – September 2021

Full Moons Bring Fruition

What’s coming true for you?

I hope something magical as we move into the energy of this magical, synchronistic Piscean Moon!

Remember to celebrate your month-to-date and any wins you’ve had.

The week leading up to a Full Moon can also bring the shadow side to the fore, so remain open to what arises for you

Whichever houses this Moon activates in your chart shows the area(s) of life where something is coming to fruition.

The Full Moon exacts at 28 degrees of Pisces, so look for where that (and 28 degrees of Virgo) reside in your chart for the area of life likely to be affected.

Emotional Sensitivity

The build up to September’s Full Moon could be both emotional and reactive.

Arriving on September 21st at 09:54am here in Brisbane (AEST)* in the sign of Pisces *click for a time conversion

… you may have to watch for overwhelm, tiredness, triggers and confusion.

Deep sensitivity may be felt and tears may flow, as your emotions decide it’s time for a spring clean.

Keep some tissues handy and consider compiling a teary moments playlist on Spotify or finally sitting down to watch that movie that’s been calling you.

Above all be kind to yourself and let yourself receive whatever it is you most need.

If you find it hard to deal with your emotions, my E-Book ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’ may help.

It’s available in my Online Store for just $1.99 and it’s filled with helpful tips to help you feel into and process your emotions in a healthy way; creating emotional well-being.

It also comes as part of a ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day Nurture Pack’ should you need a little extra support

Both can be given as a gift if you feel a loved one could benefit.

Just add the recipient’s Email Address or Physical Address (in the ship to area) for the Nurture pack.

Reflection, Patience & Surrender

The Astrological landscape remains inward with many planets retrograde this month.

Therefore, don’t expect too much of yourself (physically / externally) and allow whatever shifts are happening below the surface to take place.

Much energy is being directed internally and you’ll probably feel quite introverted and deep now.

It’s a good idea to up the energetic protection throughout September to prevent being pulled into the collective soup pot of whichever negative emotion trumps the rest; especially important as we head into late September.

Whilst Mercury’s impending retrograde could bring further mix ups and confusion to the Moon/Neptune feels.

Double-checking details, repeating yourself, slowing down and keeping things as clear as possible may help.

Retrograde energy (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury slowing …) tends to bring delay and a sense that things are ‘on hold’.

If this is your experience, try to be patient and not push.

Trust that all will move on in its own sweet time and just because you haven’t heard yet doesn’t mean you never will.

The big work is happening inside right now.

If you find the lack of momentum frustrating, try moving your body and watching some Abraham Hicks.

Exercise may help shift the annoyance; whilst Abraham Hicks can help bring understanding of surrender.

Kindness, Integration & Forgiveness

Hold yourself in compassion and extend that sympathy to others around you.

Choosing to be kind rather than judgmental will create a more gentle Earth for everyone to land on.

If old wounds surface this month a forgiveness ritual around this Full Moon can bring freedom and release.

Allowing more sleep may allow for deeper integration.

Mercury’s Message

Mercury will station-retrograde on the 27th by which time you should be aware what this particular retro-period will mean for you.

What are you being asked to revisit, rework, release or heal between now and the 19th October?

With Mercury squaring Pluto and in trine to Jupiter, something deeply transformative; ultimately leading to growth and betterment is likely – as long as you’re willing to do the work.

The Mars opposition with Chiron at the Full Moon implies a need to assert for your personal rights & needs; regardless what others may think or feel about them

… and perhaps a realisation that the tendency to keep things in – rather than risk ‘boat rocking’ – may not be working in your favour.

How this affects you personally will depend on what’s happening in your chart, but Mercury in Libra is concerned with themes such as:

  • Relationships (with others, self or both) – specifically how you connect & communicate
  • Balanced Thinking – Ability to see all sides
  • Equality, Fairness, Justice – for all
  • Thoughts about the Law
  • Cultivation of a Peaceful Mind
  • Diplomacy – i.e. maybe it’s not the message, but the delivery of the message that’s important.

Mercury retrograde in general can be a good time to switch up a belief or two.

Meditate for a Deeper Connection

Pisces energy reminds you you’re not alone, so if you feel like you are

… or are perhaps a little disappointed that you didn’t get what you want this month, you may want to call on your guides.

Whether you prefer to do that through prayer, meditation or another means, honing a deeper connection with your invisible helpers can be of great benefit during trying times.

We all have them and I know yours are waiting to hear from you and help you out.

Much Love,

Toria xo

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