New Moon IN LEO – august 2021

Self Expression / Allowing More of You

The New Moon on 8th August arrives at 11:50:25pm here in Brisbane (AEST).

Wherever 16 degrees of Leo falls in your chart* is where you’ll feel impelled to greater self-expression this month. *House = Area of Life

Leo reminds you to connect with your innermost desires – you are the star of your own show and the most important part of your World – especially this month!

Asking yourself these questions can help:

  • What do you feel you’re here to do?
  • What lights you up?
  • In which area/space do you feel most fulfilled?

Leo New Moons ask you to plant seeds (set intentions) that allow you to BE more of you than ever before.

And with this one square to Uranus, feeling free to do that will be important.

If you’ve been holding in frustrations, they’ll be trickier to contain as we move through the first week of August, so best to acknowledge them early on.

Especially if you’ve been feeling restless and desirous of change.

Woe betide anyone that stands in your way.

Plan Your Moves / Curtail the Spending

Mercury’s growing opposition with Jupiter ups the feel-good vibes that Leo brings, but be mindful of over-promising or taking on more than you can handle.

This is a great connection for seeing the bigger picture, but not so good for realistic goals.

Thankfully Mars in Virgo can help you map out the steps, taking you to your end result.

Write them down and tick them off one by one to stay accountable.

And if money goals are important, both Mars and Venus in this frugal sign can help curtail generous Leo’s desire to splurge.

Feel into Ideas / Voice Emotions

Mercury alongside the Sun and Moon may throw ideas your way.

Feel into them and allow your intuition to suss them out.

This is also a good connection for voicing your feelings to others, but be mindful that conversations are supposed to go both ways.

Create and Shine

The New Moon is chock-full of creative and inspired potential – just like you.

This is a good month to work on:

  • Confidence
  • Visibility & Feeling Heard
  • Creative Self Expression
  • Owning your Talents
  • Releasing Blocks that prevent you from shining your light
  • Clearing, Tuning & Strengthening The Heart Chakra

Nourish Your Inner Child

Playful Leo is also the sign of your inner child.

What does she need this month to help her feel nourished and joyful?

Is she happy and thriving or in need of some fun?

If she’s particularly fragile, hop back up to the Create and Shine section (previous paragraph) and work on one or a few of those points.

If that doesn’t help, you may want to consider an Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultation with me to help you get back on track.

Please email me at: if you’d like to book.

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